Laos in Town Brings the Flavor & the Spice

When you think of Laotian food, what comes to mind?

Sticky rice, marinated meats and fish, epic tender pork, and soups and stews that taste like they took a century to make. Good, because that is exactly what you’ll get a Laos in Town.

The space is awesome – huge outdoor seating area, large spacious entry way that looks like a market. A large open bar that is great for groups, and tons of seating that also accommodates dinner for one, or for 12. Now, there is some serious spice with some of these dishes, but it isn’t forward spice. Meaning it’s not spice for the sake of being hot and burning your mouth. Rather it’s a flavorful spice that warms your mouth as you eat. But don’t worry, the staff is so nice and friendly they will happily accommodate when they can to suit your heat preferences.

They serve lunch and dinner (which we had) and have a large vegan menu as well!

We recently went to check out their menu, and below are some of our favorite dishes, and comments on everything we sampled.

Housemade herbal pork sausage – this was delicious and was bursting with herbs. Spicy in just the right way; a must order for sure!
Crispy rice salad – probably the best thing we had all night. Bursting with fresh herbs, and a sweet, sour, salty contrast that Southeast Asian cuisine is known for. Crispy rice balls mixed with ginger, cilantro, peanuts and fermented pork. You wrap them in lettuce with herbs. Tip: ask for lime wedges on the side.
Fried calamari – this was a special, so not sure if it’s always on the menu. It’s a fine dish, fairly standard, but the grilled vegetables are what stands out as well as this delicious dipping sauce.
Fried quail – as someone who harvests and fries their own quality, these were delightful. Note that quail have tiny brittle bones, so just be a bit careful. The meat is tender, and tastes just like, but better than chicken.
Pulled chicken soup – this might be the best chicken soup in DC! Look how clear, non-oily this broth is. Pulled chicken with herbs. That’s it. There is a lingering, long, slow spicy finish that is so crave-able. Tip: ask for sliced ginger and lime on the side. Add the sliced ginger right when you get it, and squeeze the lime over – but taste it first – just a personal preference. It is perfect how it is!

We will 100% be back to Laos in Town. Absolutely love this place, the people, and the flavors. We can’t wait to try the chicken curry and grilled whole fish next time!

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