Here we provide some background on the different sections of the site.  

The Blog

Our blog roll will contain all of our content, but will also be the place to find our general musings about lobbying, the DC food scene, event coverage, satirical commentary, and more from a team of DC-based writers.

Restaurant Reviews

While also posted on the blog, we’ll pull out all the restaurant reviews and list them under a separate header so they’re easy to find. From K Street classics, to places off the beaten path, we’ll try our best to keep you informed.

Wearing Washington 

DC gets a bad reputation for not being fashionable. We’re here to help change that. From the latest seasonal trends and styles, to fashion and wardrobe advice, our exclusive Wearing Washington column has it covered. 

Events Coverage

Not sure when the next wine festival, scotch tasting, or black tie gala is? Did you miss the recent cigar event you wanted to attend? What about the opening of the new steak house? That’s okay, we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s ticket sales for the upcoming bar-crawl, or post-event coverage, we’ll have all the details in this section. Found directly from the homepage. 

Feasting Famously

A collaborative brain-child between The Hungry Lobbyist and the popular website FamousDC.com, “Feasting Famously” is a bi-monthly interview column where we sit down with the hottest DC chefs, local celebrities, food bloggers, politicos, and more to get their take on not only the DC food scene, but where they’re eating and what’s lurking in their fridge. This unique food perspective from your favorite District Dwellers can’t be found anywhere else and is available exclusively on FamousDC.com.


We cook, you can too. We’ll post our original recipes with step-by-step instructions in this section. Pretty self explanatory…


Disclaimer: This site is not affiliated with any personal political activities or organizations, or professional work affiliations of our founder, writers, and contributors.

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