15 Ways to Eat Your Way Through Cherry Blossom Season

While slow-walking tourists, weekend Uber price hikes, and enough Claritin D to turn the entire left side of your face numb tend to be the hallmarks of a DC resident’s Cherry Blossom season, it is our duty to report that one can also enjoy blossoms of the edible (and drinkable!) variety this month, as well. Below, we’ve rounded up our favorite limited-edition, floral-inspired eats and drinks from our favorite spots in Washington. Hey, we may not be able to instill the values of Metro elevator etiquette into visitors of our fair city, but we can at least get you a little tipsy before having to endure standing in the walking section. Let’s dive in, shall we?

1. Cherry Blossom doughnut, Astro Doughnuts 

Photo by Astro Doughnuts.

2. Farmhouse Cherry Blossom Ale, Old Ox Brewery

Photo by the National Cherry Blossom Festival.

3. Cherry Blossom Cotton Candy Fluff, Fluffness

Photo provided by Fluffness.

4. Cherry Rose Cookie, Milk Bar

Photo by NY Daily News

5. Cherry Blossom Ice Cream,  Kramerbooks & Afterwords

Photo by Kramerbooks & Afterwords.

6. Blossom Me Up Juice, Jrink Juicery

Photo by Jrink.

7. Augmented Reality Bloom Cocktail, ARTECHOUSE

8. Cherry Blossom cupcake, Georgetown Cupcake

Photo by Georgetown Cupcake.

9. Cherry Blossom Margarita, Charlie Palmer Steak DC

Photo by Charlie Palmer Steak.

10. Cherry Blossom Ted’s Tart, Ted’s Bulletin

Photo by Ted’s Bulletin.

11. Cherry + Hibiscus Cocktail, Oyamel

Photo by Oyamel. 

12. Sherry Blossom tasting menu, Estadio

Photo by Estadio.

13. Cherry Chocolate Custard, Arroz

Photo by Arroz.

14. Calpico Fizz, Cherry Blossom Pub 

Photo by Cherry Blossom Pub.

15. Maraschino Cherry Blossom Cocktail, DC Harvest 

Photo by DC Harvest.

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