DC Harvest: Fresh, Beautiful & Local

I’m a sucker for anything or anyone that stands for bringing business and giving back together while making everything look beautiful. At DC Harvest I found that very nature embedded into every ingredient and dish. From their greens that are bought from Little Wild Things (the only woman’s owned garden in DC) to the edible flowers that are bought locally on H st. Truly every dish at DC Harvest has a story – and it’s a local one.

Now let’s get to the true business of our topic – the launch of the spring menu of DC Harvest’s seasonal american food.

We started off with fresh local oysters and a salad. The Spring Shoots salad was the star of the appetizers with a bold flavor created by the smokey kumquat vinaigrette.

Shaved Kohlrabi | Sunflower Seeds | Goat Cheese | Smokey Kumquat Vinaigrette

The appetizers set the stage and we got a whole lot hungrier so we jumped to straight to the main course. We first tried the Crispy Quinoa Cakes which is a great vegetarian friendly dish and has been one of the longest items on the menu – and for a good reason.

DC Harvest: Fresh, Beautiful & Local
Roasted seasonal vegetables | Carrot Puree | Goat Cheese

To complement the quinoa cakes we ordered the steak. The presentation of the Grilled Coulotte Steal was beautifully paired with edible flowers that had an interesting taste of onions, yes onions! I recommend you try it, it’s fun. The steak itself was cooked just as I like it with a little juice left. My only comment is that they need to upgrade their steak knifes to some sharper ones to cut into that juicy steak. We also tried the asparagus side, which I would most likely not order again. It lacked the kick in flavors I was expecting after having tried all their other dishes.

The steak was so good we just had to take a few more pics of it for you…try not to drool too much.

DC Harvest: Fresh, Beautiful & Local
Artichoke Fingerling Potato Hash | Watercress | Black Olive Aioli

Now for the finale – Dessert. We ordered the longest lasting dessert item, S’mores Chocolate Pot du Crème, and the newest item from the Spring menu, Virginia Strawberry & Grilled Champagne Mango Parfait.

Dark Chocolate Custard | Toasted Vanilla Marshmallow | Graham Cracker Cookie
Key Lime Curd | Honey Oat Granola | Whipped Cream Fraiche

Overall, we left DC Harvest feeling full, taste buds super satisfied and feeling emotionally connected to DC. We felt we got to know DC a bit more intimately through the local stories we heard behind each ingredient. DC Harvest proved to be friendly to our vegetarian, gluten-free readers and families with kids (they have a good & healthy kids menu) which is a big plus!

They will have the Spring menu for a few months so I highly recommend visiting several times for brunch and dinner (my favorite times to go there).

Hope you enjoy your DC Harvest visit as much as we did!

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