Get Pumped for Team USA!

Everyone is pretending they love soccer (which is fine), and we will all become aggressively patriotic as we cheer on the USA men’s World Cup soccer team.

To help amp up your patriotic game, presents the following to pump you up!

It’s okay to cry for America.

Because American fans are the best.

This guy gets it.


So does Kate Upton.


Even the Hulk gets involved in America.


He doesn’t need a birth certificate. This is proof.


Say wwwhhhaaaattttt….oh yeah, American that’s what!


Don’t disappoint these people.


And please, no punching other countries.


Stay strong…


Keep it classy.


And always remember, win or lose…

So stay calm, AND GO TEAM USA!


One Comment

  1. I was hoping for the game against Belgium
    Feel this would be the more interesting of the games.

    Or not.

    Whatever, go USA!

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