Southern Hospitality Done Right

On some weekends, some of us crave comfort, comfort from the long week we had, or comfort from the winter season. If you are one of those people then I have found one comforting activity for you to do: eat brunch at Southern Hospitality.

The first thing I noticed as I walked into Southern Hospitality which is located in the heart of Adams Morgan, were the brick walls and writings on the wall that immediately make you feel like you walked into your neighbors home. For brunch we walked upstairs where the level warmth was leveled up due to the large windows, plenty of sunlight and more importantly the types of people sitting and sharing a meal. Most people came in their sweatpants (or an outfit that looked super comfortable), were with large groups of what seemed to be loved ones and were laughing. It was refreshing seeing people come together, in such a comfortable setting, over one of the most important things in life (or at least I think so) food.

We inquired about the most popular dishes and were told the following were a must try: Shrimp and grits, Tuna Tartar, Fried Chicken Benedict and Chicken and Waffles. Naturally we had to try them all.

The shrimp and grits are made up of sautéed shrimps and a creamy cajun sauce topped with asparagus and corn. The cajun sauce definitely added a special kick of spice to it so if you are not into spicy food this dish may not be for you. If you are into spices then a highly recommend it.

Next up was the Tuna Tartar, which to me seemed out of place of the themed southern menu but since it was one of the top sellers I had to try it. The guacamole and tuna were exceptionally fresh and zesty which made me understand why it was so popular. The tuna tartar was topped with a wasabi sauce giving it the extra flavor it needed (the wasabi was quite mild and I ordered more of the sauce). The dish is paired with home made tortillas but I personally was not a fan of the tortillas so I opted out.

The next dish was the fried chicken benedict which is my top menu item to try. Initially I was not quite sure what to expect as I’ve never heard of fried chicken on the classic eggs benedict but the Chef definitely won me over with this one. The dish is made with a base of homemade biscuits topped with a boneless fried chicken and a poached egg. All paired with tater tots or french fries (I would recommend the latter).

The final dish we tried was the chicken and waffles. To my great surprise these were the fluffiest and intensely moist waffles I have ever tried, making the waffles so good that I had to eat them solo. I mean just look at them!


Overall Southern Hospitality certainly delivered good food, southern hospitality (literally, the service was incredible) paired with the comfortable ambiance (I will note if you are gluten free there are many items on the menu that you will be restricted from trying). I look forward to being dined with true southern hospitality again soon.

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