You Need To See The Fall Spread At Provision 14

Last week, Provision 14 unveiled their newest fall-inspired additions to the menu. I joined them in their vintage-style second floor bar for a tasting.

Local DC designer Maggie O’Neill created the decor for both Provision 14 and Bonfire. Both hot spots boast warm hardwood, low lighting and eye-catching ceiling embellishments.
Distressed wood and Victorian-style parlor furniture are key features of the second floor lounge.

Before I even had my coat off, the bartender had a drink in my hand – my kind of place. We started off with a boozy seasonal slushie made from baked apples, baked pears, bourbon and a special spice used in Indian cuisine called “fenugreek.” Over the course of the evening, I consumed two or three of these tasty treats.

Seasonal Slushie | 6 varieties of baked apples and pears, fenugreek, freshly grated cinnamon, bourbon, applejack
Seasonal Slushie
6 varieties of baked apples and pears, fenugreek, freshly grated cinnamon, bourbon, applejack

We were sipping our cocktails and taking snapshots of the decor when the first tasting platter came out of the kitchen in all its piping hot glory – lamb turnovers. The crust was flaky with a hint of savory flavor, and the lamb neck was incredibly tender. A++ on this appetizer.

Lamb Neck Hot Pocket Served with arugula aioli
Lamb Neck Hot Pocket served with arugula aioli

Then came the Chesapeake crab hush puppies. These toasty little bites were uber-satisfying and the baby dollops of chipotle aioli paired nicely with the lump crab.

Chesapeake Hush Puppies
Maryland lump crab, sweet potato puree, charred onion soubise, chipotle aioli

My favorite bite of the evening had to be the salmon risotto. Served over baby kale, this dish was adorned with velvety oyster mushrooms and toasted pumpkin seeds. The salmon itself was fresh, juicy, and had just the right amount of crisp on the edges (my favorite way to cook salmon).

Salmon Risotto
Toasted pumpkin seeds, baby kale

But wait! There’s more. Of course we tried more than one cocktail. The second drink on the menu was the Cranberry Fall Fizz. This tasty autumn beverage is served in a highball glass and garnished with candied ginger and razor thin lime slices.

Cranberry Fall Fizz
Fresh cranberries, spicy ginger, lime, fall spices, bourbon, blended rum

Chef Jacob Williams emerged from the kitchen near the end of the evening bearing a tray of fried apple desserts for the crowd. Despite being stuffed beyond reason, we all migrated swiftly toward the nutmeg-dusted treats and devoured them in earnest.

Fried Apples
Cooked Granny Smith apples, cinnamon, nutmeg

All the items featured above are currently available on Provision’s updated menu. Provision hosts a generous happy hour 5:00-8:00 PM on Sunday and Tuesday-Friday, as well as dinner service and weekend brunch. Check them out this week!

Provision 14 is located at 2100 14th Street N.W. Visit their website, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

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