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Aida, Gluten-free, Restaurant Review

Falafel for Good

The day I was planning on going to review Falafel Inc coincided with the day I saw the Founder of Falafel Inc, Ahmad Ashkar, speak on a panel about innovation and social impact. From the first sentence Ahmad uttered, one could see that passion and social impact are core to […]

Aida, Restaurant Review

Cuba Libre Revisited

As I was enroute to Cuba Libre restaurant in DC, I was thinking of all the negative comments I heard from friends about this restaurant. Naturally, my expectations were low as I walked into the restaurant. I walk in and clearly see great effort has gone into the interior design with […]

Andi, Recipe

The Best Summer Avocado Pasta Recipe

If you are an avocado lover (who isn’t) and are looking for that easy go-to summer recipe, look no further. This is the best summer avocado pasta recipe that has only five ingredients, and healthy sauce that can be added to your pasta to replace the classic Pesto sauce or […]

Haley, Poem

An Ode to the Barmini Cocktail Flight

Thank you José Andrés, for your glorious insight, For you have created Barmini and its luxurious cocktail flight. Everything in the cocktail lab feels so right, It makes me want to Instagram all damn night. The lighting is perfect and the cocktails sublime, I’ll surely be back for “nitro caipirnha” with a hint of lime. […]