Seven Organ Recipes Perfect for Halloween

Use this Halloween as an excuse to up you culinary organ game. Once successful, you’ve got some new go-to snacks for any party that will blow Bob’s seven-layer dip out of the water. Take that Bob! A great way to throw an adult Halloween dinner party too.

Crumbled lamb brains with horseradish mayonnaise

MMMmmmm…creamy. Brains have a rich creamy texture that work great when fired to add some contrast. Bonus points as this recipe is from Australia, and you know they know their lamb (recipe via Also, you now have a horseradish mayo recipe. Win.

Classic liver and onions

Think of country fried chicken or Salisbury steak – only a bit more mineral-flavored. Fried liver is slightly crisp on the outside but very tender in the middle. Always cook is medium-rare for best results. This recipe has tons of pictures for each step as well (recipe via

Beef tongue tacos

Typically when people are trying new organ meat, packaging them with something familiar helps. In this case, you’ll also keep things very authentic. Lengua tacos are extremely common in Mexico. The tongue is slightly chewy, has that salty iron flavor similar to liver, but throw some hot sauce and lime on it, take a tequila shot and dig in (recipe via

Sriracha braised and grilled pigs feet

Think of them as fatty, chewy, pork ribs – because that’s basically what they are and taste like. Sure, there’s cartilage, but with the right sear and crispy char, they really are tender. The key here is in the preparation (recipe via

Grilled swetbreads (aka thymus gland)

Yup, the thymus gland. Before you squirm, head to Rural Society and try theirs. Then, get some fresh (very very fresh) sweetbreads of your own and grill them. Be sure and get a crispy char on the outside. The middle will be creamy but not runny. There will be a soft texture, with a little chew, and a very mild flavor (recipe via

Fried (or grilled) tesitcles

Yup. Balls. But hey, make sure you have a pair and get to work. Crispy on the outside, a bit chewy and soft in the middle. Strongly suggest lots of lemon on the fried ones and if you grill them as an option included in this recipe, make a sauce on the side would ya (recipe via

Blood Pudding

A not-so-dense sausage really is how I’d describe it. Minerally, irony, and tart. Hey, we’ve all sucked on a finger wound so don’t act like you aren’t familiar with the taste of blood. But take that iron flavor and add some pork sausage, herbs, lots of pepper, and bam, something that’s very good. Duke’s Grocery in DC has some if you need to sample first (recipe via

You can do it! Enjoy!

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