Mission Navy Yard – Solid Flavors, Big Space

Mission Navy Yard, recently opened by Frtiz Brogan and Reed Landry, boasts options and flavors as big as their space – and that’s saying something! Boasting the largest bar in DC, and a massive two story complex with a wrap around porch that makes it feel like you’re in someone’s casa when you look down into the open courtyard feel of the first floor from the second, this place is making it’s mark on the Navy Yard area.

With few Mexican options right next to the ballpark, Mission is in a league of it’s own (baseball pun intended). But don’t think of this as just a before-or-after game spot, the food, cocktails, and large gathering spaces make it perfect for any outing.

Don’t take our word for it, head down to Mission Navy Yard yourself, but before you do, here’s some of our favorite things.

First, look at this massive bar!


Wide open spaces!!!


mission navy yard dc hungry lobbyist
Chips made in house, red and green salsa options that pack a punch!


Our favorite dish: light and airy chips, shredded chicken, crema, guac, pico de gallo – oh my!


This was so flavorful, tender inside, and plenty of cheese! If you’re adverse to char, maybe ask for the outside to be slightly less cooked. Otherwise great quesadilla and if you like a crispy-charred exterior this is for you!


Oh, the margaritas by the pitcher are muy bueno as well!


Frito pie! Refried beans, Fritos, cheese, sooooo good! Certainly filling too!


Give your friends something to taco ’bout! From vegetarian to beef to pork and chicken – they got you covered!


Do not leave without getting the churros. Lightly fried outside, tender middle, with a luscious velvety chocolate dipping sauce.


Chef Roberto Hernandez throws down in this kitchen. Maybe he can teach Gio how to throw?


Mission Navy Yard – WEBSITE


Monday – Wednesday: 5 pm – Midnight
Thursday: 4 pm – Late
Friday: 5 pm – Late
Saturday: 11:30 am – Late
Sunday: 11:30 am – Midnight

Additionally, they open two hours before all Nationals home games, regardless of start time.

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