Mason Dixie Biscuit Co. Drive-Thru Opens April 15!

Can I Take Your Order?

The drive-thru of your dreams is opening this Saturday, April 15!  Mason Dixie Biscuit Co. is sharing their famous biscuits with the world at the most convenient of locations – a drive-thru! Not only that, they’re pairing the buttery bundles with finger-lickin’ fried chicken and other comfort food classics prepared by team that turns customers into regulars and regulars into family.

The family friendly menu offers something for everyone – from biscuit sandwiches to salads and milkshakes, I guarantee you’ll leave with a smile.

Let’s Eat.

With such an amazing array of made-to-order menu items, using fresh, preservative-free, hormone-free, and high quality local ingredients, it’s hard to choose what to pick. So I was lucky enough to preview the menu and tried just about all of it for the Hungry Lobbyist fans. Check out what I loved:


  1. The Biscuits.  Duh.  They’re buttery, flaky, have an awesome crust, and come with bumble berry jam and maple aioli (drooooool)!  The massive breakfast and lunch biscuit sandwiches are piled with meats, cheeses, fried chicken, bacon, you name it!  By far the best biscuit sandwich you’ll ever try – and the ultimate sandwich to consume in the car since the biscuit doesn’t crumble! The sausage, egg, and cheese was my personal favorite – with a patty the size of a burger, it is the ultimate hangover cure and all around comfort classic.
  2. The CHICKEN.  I’m speechless. Executive Chef Jason Gehring brines and fries the succulent pieces to create a crispy, crunchy, juicy masterpiece.  I was honestly shocked at how juicy the meat was, while executing an exquisitely golden crispy skin. I may or may not have eating just the skin off a few pieces….
  3. The Milkshakes.  They brought the boys to the yard and were damn delicious.  Using local ice cream from Milk Cult, the classic three flavors are fresh and nostalgic. Get the strawberry.
  4. Sides and Salads! Is it weird that the one thing I finished was the fried chicken cobb salad with cucumber ranch dressing?! It was out of this world good.  Freshly shaved cheddar cheese, a perfectly boiled egg, bacon lardons and the brined crispy fried chicken thigh make for one winning combination atop fresh greens.  I couldn’t stop eating it.  Also, the mac and cheese and cheddar grits are the sides you’ve been dreaming of.  Forget french fries, give me some cheddar grits and gooey mac and cheese with LOTS of black pepper and I’m set.

I’m so thrilled to see this amazing start-up grow into a unique and delicious brick and mortar. I have been a huge fan since I first heard about the buttery biscuits, not only because they’re delicious, but because my mom is Dixie and my nephew/godson is Mason! Fate, right? I think so.  I can’t wait to drive-thru with them and share this food that has been made with so much love and passion.  Be sure to get in line at on Saturday, April 15 for opening day at 9am!

Mason Dixie Biscuit Co.
2301 Bladensburg Rd NE
Washington, DC 20018

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