Vote Now: Halloween Candy Showdown!


I took to social media and polled our followers over the past few weeks to find out which Halloween candy match-up is the most contentious. Who knew people actually LIKED candy corn!?

Tell us which candy you choose as your TREAT in our annual Halloween Candy showdown!  Comment below to see whether you fall with the majority, or if you’re desperately trying to score some votes for your less popular favorites.

Reese’s (66%) vs. Snickers (34%)

Milk Duds (56%)  vs. Whoppers (44%)


Twix (55%) vs. Kit Kat (45%)

Milky Way (62%) vs. 3 Musketeers (38%)

Butterfinger (70%)  vs. Heath Bar (30%)

Swedish Fish (45%) vs. Sour Patch Kids (55%)

Airheads (64%)  vs. Twizzlers (36%)

 Blow Pop (52%) vs. Jolly Rancher Lollipop (48%)

Smarties (60%) vs. Sweet Tarts (40%)

Double Bubble (63%) vs. Jawbreakers (37%)

Starbursts (51%) vs. Skittles (49%)

Candy Corn:
Yum (56%) vs. EW! (44%)

What’s your favorite? What did we forget?! Comment below!


*Cover image borrowed from the Pioneer Woman.

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  1. Butterfingers should have taken the W!!!

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