Father’s Day Pop-Up Menu at The Heights

Are you looking to take your dad out to a cool and chill place for father’s day weekend? or need a place to have a good meal after Columbia Heights Day? Did I hear you say yes? Then we’ve got the place for you – The Heights located at 3115 14th St.NW Washington DC, 20010. And the best part is they are having a TWO DAY ONLY pop-up menu for fathers day weekend in addition to their standard menu for their indoor and outdoor areas (outdoor seating is super pet-friendly).

We decided to check it out for you and sample a few things from the menu to give you a sneak peak of what you may be diving into over the weekend. Lets dig in.

The Heights age overproof bourbon, angostura bitters and orange bitters in charred American Oak barrels for about 30 days to create our house Old Fashioned. Now that’s a drink dad may enjoy!

I ordered 3 simple dishes that caters to all our readers including the gluten-free and vegetarian readers. Tonight’s menu included: Fried Brussels Sprouts, The Heights Burger and Drunken Fig & Goat Cheese Flatbread. Let’s see how they were.

First up was the Fried Brussels Sprouts that come mixed with a maple mustard vinaigrette, spiced pecans, crispy shallots (for our gluten-free readers you can remove the shallots). The sweetness of the maple syrup definitely overpowered this dish and made it sweeter than the typical fried brussels sprouts. If you have a sweet tooth then this may be the perfect dish for you. If you prefer it less sweet, just ask your waiter to lessen that sweet vinaigrette. Either way I think you would enjoy this delicious dish while getting your greens on.

Second up was The Heights Burger topped with cheddar, bacon, sunny side up egg, red onion, lettuce, burger sauce, house pickles. The best part is they have gluten-free buns (well at least for me) or maybe the best part was the perfectly crisp french fries paired with their homemade ketchup…yum.

Third up was the Drunken Fig & Goat Cheese Flatbread topped with raisins, arugula, pine nuts and balsamic reduction. This was by far my favorite dish. The freshness of the arugula and strong taste of the fig that was complemented so perfectly with the goat cheese created tastes of fireworks. I highly recommend getting this dish (if you are gluten-free stay tuned for their new menu that may have a gluten-free flatbread)!

With only sampling 3 dishes from their large menu, I think I only scratched the surface. Also, did I mention they have another full separate menu for brunch? Apparently the fried chicken and waffles as well as the salmon benedict are the top sellers. I guess I have no other choice but to go back and try them!

Happy dining at The Heights!

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