Duck Duck Goose (Caution, Fowl Imagery)

Bonjour, brasserie délicieux.

We don’t usually make our way to Bethesda (nothing against Bethesda, just simply lazy). So when we discovered an adorable looking French brasserie (one of Haley’s favorite food genres) named Duck Duck Goose (like Alli’s IG handle, @tucktuckgoose9), we thought it was a sign from above.

As you enter the eatery, you will be transported to a little Parisian gem. Bistro patio seating, long, white curtains, dim lighting, a kitchen on full display, and wine varietals for days. It is truly a cultural haven in occasionally banal Bethesda.

You won’t want to dodge, dip, duck, dive, or dodge this meal

You can begin with a wide variety of cocktails prepared for you at the bar. We personally think you should stick to the theme and get the Duck L’Orange, Golden Goose, or Loosey Goosey for the vibes, but you can make that [bird] call on your own.

“Duck L’Orange” Woodford, Grand Marnier, Maple Simple Syrup, Duck Bacon Lolli
“Le Petit Mort” Bulliet Bourbon, Muddled Strawberry, Lemon & Lime, Ginger Beer

Enjoy your first sips all the while snacking on fresh French bread paired with butter churned by a french king. Now let us offer you a little visual “sneak-beak” of our entire meal:

Everyone expects bread to start at a French establishment. You won’t expect how sweet and delicious their butter is. Oh mon Dieu!

The menu changes seasonally, but is guaranteed to satiate that empty place in your soul where warm french food goes. We would like to point out that the chef knows how to make angolotti (English pea or squash) and pieces of beef (Cote de boeuf and tournedos) like nobody’s business.

Hey lil pasta lemme whisper in your ear. Perfectly al dente. Must order. The English Pea Angoletti
“Tournedos” Or a tornado of meat flavor in your mouth.

Next, as self described sea food fanatics we were obsessed with the clams and mussels. The broth made you want to get down to your skivvies, shrink yourself, and take a bath in it. The smoky scallop ceviche was presented with a lid of smoke that translates powerfully to the dish.

Smoked Scallop Ceviche. V v smoky
Mussels and clams piled high into the night. The broth was perfect. We drank it. No regrets.

To top it all off, you better go for some dessert. Profiteroles fan? Just scroll straight down right now – they’re gorgeous.

The Chocolate Profiterole. Oh. Em. Gee.
Apologies, for we know this pic is borderline NSFW

All we can say is… duck yeah.

We waddled out of the restaurant, saying “surely we just ate Quack.”

So why don’t you fly on over?

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