Double the Shouk: New location in Union Market district

Shouk yeah! Israeli fast casual chain Shouk just opened their second location near Union Market in the first floor of The Edison. It’s bigger, expanded and just as delicious.

Shouk’s first location opened in 2016 by co-founders Ran Nussbacher and Dennis Friedman. They offer DC a unique approach to modern Israeli cuisine offering solely plant-based dishes – so perfect for all you vegetarians our there. After living in Israel for a year and eating plenty of modern Israeli cuisine, I can firmly state that the flavors are pretty spot on to traditional Israeli taastes and take me right back to Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv.

Here is what you can look forward too:

The famous veggie burger 


Veggie Burger | Credit: Shouk

This veggie burger has been named DC’s best veggie burger by many, including Washington Post, Eater DC, Brightest Young Things, many Yelp reviewers, and me. (I wrote it about it for the best thing I ate in 2017). This burger tastes amazing and is made with whole ingredients you can actually see, like chickpeas, beets, cauliflower, black beans, lentils, and mushrooms. Served in a pita to hold in all it’s goodness so no burger crumbles fall behind. Again I will say, best veggie burger in DC!

Grab-and-go items

To Go Pantry | Credit: Shouk

New to Shouk’s Union Market district location is a grab-and-go market pantry area. When you walk into the restaurant alongside all the swag is a take away pantry filled with Israeli spices and sauces, hummus, Shouk’s labnah and super creamy almond feta along with some of their special lemon balls, spreads and plant-based cheeses.

A fennel bowl

Fennel Bowl | Credit: Shouk

Shouk’s Fennel, which you can get either as a pita or bowl, takes fennel to a new level. Served with potato, red pepper, and delicious pistachio pesto. It’s bold flavors are a great unique combination making the fennel a perfect blended taste.

Eggplant pita with Amba

Eggplant | Credit: Shouk

New to the menu is the Eggplant which aims to copy a traditional Israeli street food known as Sabich. Sabich is a pita stuffed with fried eggplant, egg, and lots of colorful toppings. Shouk’s Eggplant is served with potato, pickled cabbage, red pepper, onion, tahina, and amba. Amba sauce is a tangy mango pickle condiment typically served in Israeli cusine. This flavor is bold and really ties the eggplant flavor together.

Chocolate hummus

Chocolate Hummus

Yeah, that’s right – chocolate hummus. It’s chocolatey creamy (and kinda healthy) hummus spread. It goes great with strawberries for a healthy dessert option, or good for breakfast spreads or tasty treats. Shouk brings this unique idea to their menu and take-away pantry. It is a perfect Shouk treat to buy and save for later when your craving that Israeli goodness.

The best cookies you’ve ever had


Choco-cardamon Cookies | Credit: Shouk

These Choco-caradamom cookies are seriously some of the best cookies in DC! I don’t think i’ve ever had a cookie so perfectly cooked. They are completely doughy and gooey in the middle with a crisp cooked outside. It is simply perfection. The perfect ending to a delicious meal.


Shouk now has two locations in DC – and I wouldn’t be surprised if they open more soon! Go give it a try, and keep going back because all the food is amazing and you have to try it all.

Mt. Vernon Triangle – 655 K St. NW, Washington DC 20001

Union Market District – 395 Morse Street NE, Washington DC 20002

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