The Best Things We Ate in 2017

The entire team here spends a lot of time eating, that’s kind of what we do. And we’ve had some pretty memorable bites this year. Here are some of the best things we ate in 2017 from your favorite writers here at (in no particular order, of course).

Made-to-order Hand Roll, Nobu

“The made-to-order hand roll at Nobu was the single best bite of food I had for lunch this year.” -Michelle

Fried Chicken “Coq au Vin”, Convivial

“Crispy exterior, tender and always piping hot on the inside, with a complex and rich sauce that’s insanely addictive!” -Brian

“No doubt this tops the list at Convivial, but don’t leave without trying their homemade potato chips and onion dip as well. Literally crack.” -Alli

Goat Roti, Kith/Kin

“Forget Chipotle, the goat roti at Kith and Kin will punch your tastbuds with a lingering spice, and you’ll never want the meal to end” -Michelle

(disclaimer, this was before they offered a burger which looks AMAZING!)

Half-a-Cado Salad, Chiko

“Who knew a salad could leave such a lasting impression?! It’s fruity, crispy, fresh, and completely addicting!” -Michelle

50oz Double Bone “Union Chop” Dry Aged Ribeye, Rare Steak & Seafood

Rare Steak & Seafood DC

“Literally the best steak at the moment in the DC area.” -Brian

Orange-ish Chicken, Chiko

“The orange-ish chicken from Chiko will make you regret ever ordering Chinese food from any other restaurant in DC. Every time I hear someone crunch into the crispy skin, I get goosebumps.” -Michelle

Sausage, Egg and Cheese Biscuit; Mason Dixie Biscuit Co.

“Best brunch in DC? The one with a drive-thru. My mouth was watering as soon as I hit the order window at Mason Dixie Biscuit Co.  The biscuits are fluffy and loaded with butter as they sandwich drippy eggs, gooey cheese, thick cut sausage, bacon and more!” -Michelle

Queso, El Sol Restaurante & Tequileria 

“This is one of those dishes you wish you could enlarge into a hot tub. The scalding pot, spicy meat, and impossibly gooey cheese make this queso something you’ll compare all other quesos to.” -Haley (Bonus: El Sol Queso   click on this video to view the beautiful gooey stringy life changing cheese.)

“Don’t forget to top it off with some beef tongue tacos! It’s licking good 😉 ” -Alli

Khinkali, Supra

“Nothing will make you happier on a cold day than warming up with these Georgian soup dumplings. Add some khachapuri and red wine for good measure.” -Ashley

“RT ^ I’m not joking when I say these are the best dumplings in town.” -Alli

Chocolate Crazy Shake, Triple Craft

“This shake is not only entertaining, it’s intoxicating ;)” -Macy

Coconut Shrimp Roll, Masa14

“This melt in your mouth sushi roll will take your taste buds on a little tropical vacation.” -Macy

Prime Tomahawk Ribeye, Del Campo, Photo Courtesy of Del Campo

“Say hello to some hella good meat sweats. Grilled to perfection, and served with a bevvy of savory sauces, this monster 48oz.+ steak comes to you on a giant wooden platter meant to share with your table. And let me tell you, it melts in your mouth. ***Insider tip, take your dad and let him pay.***” -Alli

The SP Double Stack, Taylor Gourmet

“The limited edition SP Double Stack from Taylor Gourmet, was so perfect I wrote a poem about it. Please bring it back next year!” – Meghan

“Second this to infinity and beyond. All I want for Christmas is this burger to come back to their menu!” – Brian

Farmers Market Crudités, True Food Kitchen

“This Farmers Market Crudités is a True Food staple, I always look forward to a seasonal, unique, and fresh masterpiece.”-Macy

Katz’s Corned Beef Sandwich, Katz’s Delicatessen

“This sandwich is a game changer, it is cooked to absolute perfection and melts in your mouth (the process takes a full month from start to finish!) and its even served house made pickles on the side, can it get any better than that?!” -Macy

Butternut Squash with Green Curry, Sally’s Middle Name, Photo Courtesy of Sally’s Middle Name

“Sweet squash, spicy curry, and fluffy rice – beautiful flavor combo. No wonder they couldn’t keep these on the shelf…or off my fork!” -Alli

Grilled Avocado, Daikaya

“I never knew avocado could taste this could. If you are not an avocado fan, this dish may just make you an avocado believer!” -Aida

“Forget the toast, this simple dish is beyond basic!” – Brian

Crispy Quinoa Cakes, DC Harvest

“This dish makes being vegetarian cool. When I take a break from my meat eating this is definitely my go to dish. ” -Aida

Falafel and Zaatar Fries, Falafel Inc

“This falafel is the real deal, and coming from an Arab that means something. Go try it with the Zaatar fries, deliciousness!” -Aida

Grilled Ossetra Caviar with Steamed Bao Bun, Pickled Green Papaya, and Coconut Crème, Pineapple and Pearls, Photo by KevinEats

“I didn’t even know I could be a fan of caviar until I made a sandwich out of it! From the smokey table preparation to the sweet cream and acidic papaya, it was bursting with flavor.” -Alli

Grandma’s Zucchini Bread, Hazel

“This little pillow of culinary joy was made with foie gras mousse, chamomile gelee and bee pollen. My taste buds never been so dazzled.” -Lizzie

Proper Burger, Duke’s Grocery

“Your favorite burger’s favorite burger. Savory, sinful, and so so satisfying, the Proper Burger lives up to its name. And yes, you want to add bacon and egg.” -Erik

Off-the-Menu Bar Sliders at The Dabney

“These are ever changing. Sometimes they are crispy pork belly, Duke’s mayo, pickled watermellon rind and arugula. This one happened to be fried oysters, house made pickles, bib lettuce, and a Duke’s mayo based sauce that resembles traditional Tartrar Sauce…but it’s way better. Plus, what other Michelin Starred restaurant offers a $4 silder?” -Brian

Celery Root & Grayson Cappelletti, Ana at District Winery

“It’s rabbit season year round (I hope) at District Winery’s Ana. Their rabbit sausage-topped cappelletti was enough for me to welcome the Brooklyn offshoot to DC. Just keep passing that pasta, I say.” -Erik

Chicken Parm from The Palm

“The Palm may be known for steaks, but for those in “the know” you have to order a “large chicken parm, sliced.” This massive parm will be cut into strips with a pizza cutter in the back and presented for your whole table to admire. Best order for an appetizer before a perfect meal. Pairs great with a 2014 Turley Red Zin.” -Brian

Lobster Roll, The Salt Line

“Now that new development has ripped the heart and soul of Nationals Park (The Bullpen) roots from from the ground, we all need a new pregaming spot. Why The Salt Line? Because now we can finally heed our mom’s advice to eat while we drink. Can I interest you in some lobster?” -Erik

“Not only is this amazing, but they offer hot with butter, and cold dressed with light mayo, etc. They don’t skimp either!” -Brian

Sashimi at Omakase Counter, Sushi Taro

“I mean, have you even ‘sushi-ed’ until you’ve been served the freshest sashimi at Sushi Taro’s Omakase Counter? The answer is no, no you haven’t.” -Alli

Shouk Burger, Shouk

“Shouk’s veggie burger will make you question all other veggies burgers you’ve had before. And probably regular burgers too.” -Andie

Lobster Ravioli from Fiola

hungry lobbyist fiola

“The best version of this dish in DC.” -Brian

Patatas Bravas, Arroz by Mike Isabella

“I’ve had my fair share of Patatas Bravas. But there is nothing like Arroz’s crispy cubed goodness” -Andie

Blueberry Pancakes with Yuzu Curd Butter (and everything else on the brunch menu), Kyirisan

“At first, I didn’t think I had it in me to finish those inch+ thick pancakes. But after tasting that citrus yuzu curd butter paired with the blueberry, I decided I wouldn’t leave that table until I finished every last bite!” -Alli

“Yup, and the wings and the rice dish – so good!” -Brian

Taco’s from El Sol (specifically lengua)

el sol

“Tongue gets a bad rap, but the lengua tacos at El Sol are so tender, just like roast beef!” -Brian

Pecan Sticky Buns, Blue Duck Tavern

“I’m convinced this is what heaven tastes like.” – Aida

We’re sure we left out some great bites we had this year (aka anything from Chef Amy at Centrolina), and we want to hear from you! Tag us with @HungryLobbyist on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with some of your best bites of the year!

Happy New Year from all of us and thanks for following along!

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