Doi Moi launches new summer cocktail menu

The popular hot spot on 14th Street Doi Moi is getting a summer cocktail makeover courtesy of bar director Adam Bernbach, who also runs the bars of 2 birds 1 stone, Estadio, and Proof. 

What can you expect from the new list? Think updated Tiki classics suitable for 14th Street palates with Palm Beach expectations.


The full menu will be available starting July 1st, but here is peak and what your taste buds are in store for:

Pina Colada – Dark Rum, Pineapple, Coconut, Lime

Mai Tai – Aged Rum, Curacao, Orgeat, Simple Syrup, Lime

Zombie – Aged, Gold & 151 Rums, Falernum, Cinnamon Syrup, Grenadine, Absinthe, Angostura Bitters, Grapefruit

Fog Cutter – White Rum, Gin, Cognac, Orange & Lemon Juices, Amontillado Sherry Float

El Diablo – Blanco Tequila, Cassis, Ginger Beer, Lime

Suffering Bastard- Bourbon, Gin, Ginger Beer, Angostura Bitters, Lime

Bizzy Izzy – Oloroso Sherry, Rye Whiskey, Pineapple, Lemon

Devil’s Grin – Silver Oat Whiskey, Campari, Amaretto, Cane Syrup, Lime

Straw Hat #2 – Pisco, Islay Scotch Whisky, Cocchi Americano, Lime Bitters

Untitled – Peanut-infused Bourbon, Tamarind Soda

Banana Daiquiri – Dark Rum, Banana Liqueur, Banana Syrup, Lime

Scorpion Bowl – Gold Rum, Gin, Cognac, Orgeat, Simple Syrup, Orange & Lime

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  1. Great post! Is that a twist on the standard pina colada?

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