Dirty Water Trickles into DC at New Boston Sports Bar on H Street

Dirty Water opened this weekend at 816 H Street NE, just in time for H Street festival. The bar is almost finished -quite literally the bar countertop has not yet been installed- in this third floor indoor/outdoor space. Trendy, like its fellow bars on H street yet homey like a Boston dive bar, Dirty Water offers a casual ambience for happy hour or #sundayfootball.

Things to Know about Dirty Water

No Politics
  1. There will be No Politics in this DC bar.
  2. Boston fans congregate here.
  3. Boston has the most popular fan base in DC in comparison with Washington and NY based teams.
  4. Mythology, the restaurant on the first level of the 816 H Street Building, is supplying Dirty Water’s menu. The two restaurants have a loose partnership – they share space and ingredients. Dirty Water co-owner Chris DeFelice says that Dirty Water’s menu items suit Mythology’s food sourcing standards and our casual atmosphere. I would agree with this statement.
  5. The blue stools will be painted navy blue bc #Boston
  6. Co-owners DeFlice and Kennedy have plans to build out the back of the building with a game room level and a small stage/live entertainment level.
  7. The roof, which offers capitol views, is being updated to meet city codes and will eventually be open with casual lounge chairs and a full bar.
  8. Dirty Water plans to partner with DraftKings (and build it into their POS for deals) to be the official spot for fantasy football in DC
  9. Co-owners George Kennedy & Chris DeFelice used to operate and manage Rhino Bar and Songbyrd Music House.
  10. Dirty Water will be posting #dirtymoments of the night daily. You’ve been warned!

Menu Items We Tried (and Liked Very Much)

-The Fried Chicken Sandwich

Things I look for in a fried chicken sandwich:

  • light batter
  • juicy chicken
  • complimentary, flavorful condiment
  • simple, small bun

Things Dirty Water’s Fried Chicken Sandwich Has:

  • light batter
  • juicy chicken
  • complimentary, flavorful condiment
  • simple, small bun

A+  Fried Chicken Sandwich 

the fried chicken sandwich was served with a homemade relish sauce spread on the bun

-The Spicy Wings

Things I look for in chicken wings:

  • meat falling off the bone
  • spice
  • sticky, lickable fingers
  • not food poison (got food poisoning once from monday wing night)

Things Dirty Water’s Wings Have:

  • meat falling off the bone
  • sticky, lickable fingers
  • no food poisoning

I gave the wings a B+ because unlike their name, the spicy chicken wings were not spicy at all! They would hardly needed a blue cheese for dipping because they didn’t need to be cooled off. As a spice lover, this was disappointing, however, the wings met all my other wing criteria.

B+ Spicy Chicken Wings

There were 5 wings to start but I was too hungry so I had one before I took the picture

Dirty Water carrys local local Massachusetts brewery, Cisco Brewery, and will have daily bar specials on all draft beers for Happy Hour.

Follow Dirty Water on Instagram – and don’t miss the #dirtymoment of the night!

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