Book Review: Washington, DC Chef’s Table by Beth Kanter

Remember when you went to that awesome DC restaurant, and you loved the dish you ordered? You dreamed about it. It woke you up at night. So much so that you found yourself attempting to recreate it in your own kitchen, resulting in something that certainly didn’t taste like the restaurant version, and now barely resembled edible food. Well those days are over friend. Enter Washington, DC Chef’s Table: Extraordinary Recipes from the Nation’s Capital, by Beth Kanter with photographs by Emily Pearl Goodstein. The pictures below are not hers…you’ll have to buy the book to get the hi-res food porn!


Beth is so much fun, a joy to talk to, and has been writing about the DC food scene for years – and, is featured in the May 3rd edition of Feasting Famously, exclusively on

Shameless cross-self-promotion aside, her book really is great. Wondering how to make the empanada with roasted poblano peppers, corn, and pepper jack cheese from Bandolero? Or the squid ink fideo from Boqueria in Dupont? How about Fiola’s meatballs, or Mandu’s dolsot bibim bap, or Matchbox’s homemade butternut squash ravioli? You get the picture. Beth has hit all the top restaurants in the DC (and a few on the outskirts) and used her voodoo magic to get all the recipes of your favorite dishes. Oh, and the book’s photographer Emily provides some delicious food porn to go along with the recipes. Now, if your attempt to reproduce Volt’s crab summer roll comes out looking more like a Hot Pocket, that’s all on you.


You can buy Beth’s book here, and follow her on the Twitters and the Facebooks. And hey, she’s in DC…maybe she’ll sign it for you if you’re nice?


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