Daikaya Izakaya, Just a Peak

It’s there, I promise, in all it’s secretive glory, it’s there.

Generally, a random wooden door next to a labeled restaurant means a service entrance, utility room, or three-knocks, a password and a dominatrix awaits. Not in 2013, not in DC, and certainly not at Daikaya Izakaya. From accomplished restaurateur Daisuke Utagawa (behind SushiKo) and chef Katsuya Fukushima (formerly at the helm of the José Andrés empire), comes a traditional izakaya tucked upstairs from their publicly advertised establishment, Daikaya on the first floor.

I’ve explained what an izakaya establishment when talking about Kushi, but basically it’s a traditional, very small bar in which in Japan are generally frequented by men after work, who drink, and small dishes are food are served. Not a restaurant, per se, more of a bar meant to provide relief from the days stresses, oh, and here’s some delicious food so you don’t blackout on your way home.

Daikaya Izakaya

Next to Graffiato, you’ll find a wooden door, it opens to stairs, and you’re in Daikaya Izakaya. Staying open an hour later than the downstairs restaurant, Izakaya is small, dark, and loud – exactly what it should be. The menu, on the amazing kick-ass website that is very hip, is split into two; one menu offers grilled, fried, braised/simmered, cold/sashimi, and unique offering things like fried garlic with kimchee-miso. The other menu is their ramen.

Daikaya Izakaya

Honestly, the food is supposed to be epic, however I just popped in to check it out as I’ve heard a lot about it, snap a few pics, and have a Calpisco Sour – which was delicious.

Daikaya Izakaya

So, the next time you’re in the area, or waiting for your reservation at Graffiato to be ready, even though your on time, pop over to Izakaya. Just be prepared to wait there also, but hey, at least they don’t even take reservations. That’s better than taking them and timing them poorly right?

Where: Daikaya Izakaya, 705 6th Street NW, Washington, DC 20001. Online | Twitter | Facebook

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  1. It couldn’t possibly be as loud as Graffiato, could it? ACK!!!

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