The New Happy Hour: Cutting Chai at Bindaas

Move over 3pm Coffee Break, Masala Chai is Having a Moment

Bindaas Foggy Bottom recently introduced a delicious afternoon treat to help guests stay caffeinated and avoid the afternoon slumps.  “Cutting Chai” translates to “cut into half” and refers to a small quantity of tea that is popular throughout Mumbai, typically a full cup of chai cut in half and shared with a friend.  Initially, cutting chai was only available at street stalls, but now many modern cafés are also serving the delicious dose of caffeine with a variety of accompaniments. Thanks to the new cutting chai menu at Bindaas, you can experience this tradition for yourself!

Traditionally, you would just have one quick snack with your chai, but we tried all the options for you so you can have a better idea of just which snack to order to get you through the rest of the work day.

Definitely start out with the masala chai.  This particular masala (meaning spices), is very cardamom forward.  The spices are so complex that I guarantee you’ll reconsider your chai tea order from Starbucks in the future.  I’ve never had a tea so flavorful and so light. It’s completely addicting and now I know why so many tea breaks take place in India.

If you’re craving something warm and filling, try the masala dosa stuffed with potatoes, vegetables and loaded with spices.  Served with aloo bhaji (potato stew) and my favorite cilantro chutney.  One of these will keep you satisfied on your long commute home.

Maybe you’re more of a tea sandwich person with your chai?  Try the supple omelet sandwich with curry coleslaw, warm and comforting. Or the dainty cucumber sandwich with mint and cilantro, refreshing and light.

Really craving some comfort food? Try the cheese chili toast with gunpowder fries.  Not something you’d find in Mumbai, but an ode to the ever popular grilled cheese of America, this dish is an elegant fusion of the two cuisines. Both elements are spicy, aiming to curb your appetite until dinner time.

For a slightly sweet treat, try the scones with butter and jam. The scones are flaky and buttery, more like a biscuit and a very filling bite to dunk in your chai.  But for a really traditional sweet bite, I highly recommend the cardamom cookies.  So flaky and buttery with bright spice to cut any overwhelming fattiness.  They’re really the perfect cookie, especially with chai.

So head on down to Bindaas Foggy Bottom and enjoy the new happy hour: Cutting Chai.  It will certainly keep you from being hangry before dinner, while opening your senses to the world of masala.  Enjoy!


2000 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20006
(202) 516-4326

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