Chefs Get Ready to Rumble!

It’s award season guys! I don’t mean the Globes or the Oscars, but the RAMMYS! The 2017 RAMMY Awards Gala is coming up on July 30th and to help us get into the competitive spirit, RAMW and NoMaBID brought together RAMMYS Restaurateur Finalists to dish on the business of food and RAMMYS Chef Finalists to compete in a cook-off.

The esteemed panel included the teams behind all of your favorite places in DC!

The panelists discussed the ups and downs of the food business, what made them want to call D.C. home, and even gave us the scoop on some of their favorite places to grab a bite right now; giving ceremonial nods to Proof and Cava. These restaurateurs all have impressive accolades. It’s truly anyone’s guess who will bring home the prize on July 30th. We loved getting the opportunity to learn more about their inspiration for food and their passion for a city, that until recently, wasn’t thought of as a culturally relevant place to be in the restaurant industry. We’re proud to see this group of innovators change this out-of-date notion and infuse excitement into the D.C. food scene.

After the roundtable… was time to RUMBLE

RAMMYS Chef Finalists from Doi Moi, Sally’s Middle NameHazelThe Daily Dish, and Indique served up a dish and attendees of the rumble voted for their favorite. The participating dishes were:

Fried clams, tomato & focaccia by Sally’s Middle Name
Barbecued carrots by Hazel
Shepherd’s Pie by Indique
Beef Cheek by The Daily Dish
Asian style pork rib by Doi Moi

DRUM ROLL PLEASE….the winner is:

Chef Sasha Felikson of Doi Moi for his pork ribs!!

They were to die for folks! Went back for seconds, won’t even lie.



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