Asia Taste Jumbo Jumbo Cafe…a delicious mouthful

So, I was going to Rockville, MD because there was this free session on Transcendental Meditation and I wanted to check it out because apparently it works. Anyway, I didn’t want to go alone because leaving DC for any local suburb could cause panic attacks and I was driving. My plan, bribe my friend to come with my by promising her delicious Chinese and Taiwanese authentic cuisine at an affordable price. I promised her it was in the finest of strip malls and she agreed.

I stumbled upon Asia Taste Jumbo Jumbo Cafe (yes that’s really the name) by seeing a friends Facebook postings about it. I messaged her and upon inquiry she promised it was delicious and worth it. Holy mother of Tim Tebow was she right. Not only was it good, but it was hot, fresh, filling, and cheap. I mean like, 2014 Denver Broncos Super Bowl hats cheap.

They offer several noodle and soup bowls and various small bites and bubble teas, but you need not bother with that nonsense because you’re getting the spicy beef noodle soup bowl, a hot crispy spring roll, and some vanilla bubble tea.

Ok, first the Bubble Tea, I was skeptical. Little tapioca balls in my cold chilled tea. But you get a big ass straw to suck those little bastards up and it’s almost like a game. Well, it’s entertaining at least. The “bubbles” were chewy and I really liked the texture and the tea itself was really cold and refreshing. I like to think healthy as well.

Now the spring roll was certainly cooked on nothing less than the surface of the sun and filled with lava. These things came out piping hot and were filled with delicious unicorn meat. Well, not really but whatever they were filled with were amazing!

The spicy beef noodle soup bowl was incredible! It was like thicker pho noodles with tender, slow simmered beef chunks (similar to American pot-roast), with Asian flavors. The fresh cilantro, scallions and basil on top were so aromatic and added a nice contrast and brightness to a very rich and warm broth.

So head out to Rockville and find the giant sign that says “Asia Taste Jumbo Jumbo Cafe.” It’s in a strip mall and I was the only white person in there. It’s good. Trust me.

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