Working on Capitol Hill is Basically College Part II

This is an update of the original version from May 2014 which got over 15,000 social media shares.

It’s official. We’ve finished college and gotten jobs.

And we’ve all found ourselves feeling old from time to time.

Our college years are behind us, and we don’t really have anything in common with teenagers anymore, and we landed that dream job on Capitol Hill.

But let’s be honest, we’re still basically in college, and here’s why…

1. We work on a campus and still get lost the first year.

I literally have no idea where I am.

2. We have our own police.

But unlike college they’re badass. And now you like them. Thanks, guys.

3. You still pre-game.

Reception at 5:30 with free drinks before my happy hour? Yup.

4. You still think it’s socially acceptable to drink heavily. At happy hour. On a weekday.

Johnny’s Half Shell is closing? You got your bill passed? The day ends in “y”? – drink.

5. Followed by an at-work hangover.

Why is it so bright in here?

6. We eat in cafeterias.


“You can sit with us.”

7. But sometimes we venture off campus for a meal.

If I wanted to get it myself I’d be in Longworth.

8. Saying who you work for is like saying what fraternity/sorority you’re in.

The burn is real when people don’t know who the member even is.

Worse when they don’t even hide their disgust.

But it’s totally awesome when people #FanGirl over your boss.

9. We still use “Freshman” and “Senior.” And there’s a staff class structure.

Freshman = Interns (they’re basically pledges)…

Sophomores = Staff Assistants…

Juniors = LAs & LDs…

Seniors = Chiefs of Staff & Leadership

10. Every meeting feels like a required class.

“Are you even a constituent?”

11. And when the weather gets nice, it’s harder to focus. 


12. You (or a co-worker/intern) have “walk of shamed” to work.

“I know it looks the same, but the pattern is different.”

13. You still have roommates. Possibly more than you did in college.

“Dammit Janet it’s your turn to do the dishes!”

14. And people get inventive as to what constitutes a “one bedroom.”


“It’s how much a month?”

15. Members almost never schedule their classes (work) on Fridays.

“Sorry, I’m all booked up that week. Let’s touch base on Monday.”

16. Everyone is still judgy AF.


17. And Finally:  Summer. Recess.

So welcome back to college, and enjoy College Life Part II.

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