When I met Sally!

The Sally’s story

“Did you know Sally was the first love of George Washington?” Chef Ricardo Planas really knows how to captivate true Washingtonian attention (and when I mean “Washingtonian” is anyone living in the DMV area interested in historical, political gossip). The Sally is located in the diplomatic “Embassy Row.” Like many hotels here, The Fairfax is not an exception to be almost celebrating its 100 anniversary. When the renovation began, they envisioned a modern open space where the guest and non-guest could enjoy a culinary experience comfortably. I can assure they nailed it with The Sally!

The Ceiling is the main attraction

The Sally has a ceiling like no other in DC! Even though The Sally used to be a space used for offices, you will find modern seating areas with bold colors that would make you feel you are in your fancy friends’ living room (yeah, probably the one who lives in Kalorama). As we tasted food and drinks, we also saw friends talking joyfully, families sharing a good time and lovers speaking intimately.

We almost tried the complete menu

All small plates are presented in an artsy style. We almost tried the entire menu, and I must say each plate had its own character. Some dishes with a refreshing nudge, others with middle eastern seasoning, and others on the spicy side. One thing all had in common, every bite was fantastic.

Roasted Beets & Brussels Sprouts Three Ways

We started with Roasted Beets, a contemporary dish with fennel, goat cheese, pistachios, and citrus vinaigrette. Then had a plate that is not listed on the menu yet: Brussels sprouts three ways. When the dish was presented I honestly never expected such a refreshing kick.

Refreshing Brussels Sprouts.

Scallops, lobster ceviche & stuffed bell peppers

We were surprised by the Day Boat Scallops. It had a charred orange marmalade and cilantro. After trying the stuffed bell peppers, we proceeded to try the Lobster Ceviche. I honestly don’t recall seeing this plate in another restaurant or at least trying it. The ceviche was remarkable and refreshing. It had a little spicy given by the serrano chilies, a glance of grapefruit pearls and mint, garnished with shallots and radish.

A juicy Striploin with middle eastern touches

When we thought we had seen it all, it came the Liberty Delight Farms Striploin. We had the pleasure of having Chef Ricardo Planas to slice the meat in front of us and serve it on a beautiful dish. The sweet potato puree was delish and also had the same ras-el-hanout mix of spices that the meat had. Amazing, simply amazing. Definitely coming back for this tender striploin.

Dessert, pleeease!

Then, it was time for dessert. And yes, after all, we could not contain ourselves to try them all. At this point, I always say I will regret it but never do.

Chef Ricardo Planas has had previous experiences in foreign countries in Latin America, including working in a Four Seasons. As Executive Chef and The Fairfax’s Director of Food and Beverage, he brought modern food and drinks into this historic hotel. The Sally is open daily from 5:00 pm to midnight, serving food until 10:00 pm.

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