Nobu DC Opening Greg Powers

Tips to Get Into Nobu DC

You’ve likely heard for weeks (months) about the famed Nobu opening it’s Washington, DC location in the West End today. With it’s $10 million build out and worldwide luxury brand, this is one of the most anticipated and hyped restaurant openings in our area.

We spoke with a representative from Nobu, and here’s what you need to know about their opening today (and some tips on how to get a seat):

Reservations are full.

The 250 maximum capacity is booked solid for tonight. The doors open at 5:00pm and the kitchen closes at 10:00pm. With an average 90 minute meal experience, they anticipate doing three full covers (the restaurant will turn each table over approximately three times). With the average table ordering anywhere between four to ten plates, that’s 3,000 to 7,500 plates. Wow!

They are completely booked this week AND every Friday and Saturday through the end of September. The reservation managers have started a waiting list of the lunch reservations starting in October, so reach out fast!

How do I get in?

While reservations are booked, you have some options. There are approximately 50 seats between the 14 seat bar, the 12 seat sushi counter, and the rest are smaller, knee height lounge tables. You can order the full menu from these spots, but they are likely to fill up fast and there could be a line for these.

Your best shot, get there around 4:00pm and form a line.

What can I expect?

As you can see, the team spared no expense on the $10 million build out. Gorgeous!

Nobu DC Opening Greg Powers


Nobu DC Opening Greg Powers


Nobu DC Opening Greg Powers


I’ve eaten at Nobu before…will this be different?

The entire leadership and executive teams have been sourced from Nobu’s around the US to get their DC location up and running. George Lipson, their GM, and the bar manager are both from the Nobu (Hard Rock location) in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Executive Sushi Chef is from Nobu in Malibu, Hawaii and the Executive Hot Kitchen Chef is from Nobu 57 in New York. So you’re in good hands.

Nobu DC food pic
Famous Black Cod Miso


Nobu DC food pic
Crispy Rock Shrimp Tempura


Nobu DC food pic
Salmon Sashimi New-Style


Nobu DC food pic
Squid Pasta


Nobu DC food pic
Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeno

Good luck!

Nobu DC: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Interior images from Greg Powers, all dish images from Henry Hargreaves courtesy of Nobu. 



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