What the Senate Budget “Vote-A-Rama” Really Means

Well, for the first time in four years the United States Senate has brought a Budget to the floor, and they’re actually voting on it. This means, at the end of the required debate time, Senators will vote on previously filed amendments – which makes sense – and also because Congress is Bizaroworld, Senators can simply walk amendments directly to the floor to be voted on. This is known as the “vote-a-rama” and is expected to last until 2:00am Saturday morning. It’s a complete and total circus. Here’s what really happens.

Staffers are not too happy:

And lobbyists are all like:

And the Senators really go at each other:

At some point it’s all over:

Sadly, in reality, the Budget Resolution is non-binding and nothing that passes, or fails, will have any impact or implications toward current policy. This is like the necessary step to get to the next step to try and actually then do something.

So in about three weeks, the staff returns to do this:

Which, because the House (GOP controlled) and the Senate (Democrat controlled) won’t agree on anything, everyone’s like:

But hey, you gave it your best shot, and that’s what really matters. Cheers to you Senate staff and God bless your public service.

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