We’re Spending the Summer at Opaline Brasserie + Bar

So, a little bit about me: summer is my least favorite season. I prefer fall and winter. There are only a few things I enjoy in these sweltering swamp months, and one of them is a proper summer cocktail.

Opaline Brasserie + Bar has rolled out a line of spritz cocktails for the summer, a program cleverly entitled, “Spritz Always Sunny in Paris”. A spritz has the delightful benefits of providing hydration, a good buzz, and in the case of Opaline, a delightful symphony of fruity and floral flavors. While we enjoyed the cocktail demonstration by an expert mixologist, we grazed on a flight of mouth-watering happy hour apps, with everything from rainbow-colored veggie platters to steak tartare and buttery, crispy croque madams.

Deviled Eggs | Smoked Trout Cavier
Steak Tartare | capers | dijon | malt vinegar onions | quail egg
Snacks light enough for the summer heat.

At a price point of $11, the first spritz rotation is available now. Choose between the Apricot Spritz (Giffard Apricot Liqueur, Apperol, Perrier, Orange Zest) and the Lillet Spritz (Lillet Rosé, Blueberry Essence, Perrier, Lemon Zest). The Apricot was my favorite – layers of flavor hidden in every sip. Spritz season won’t last forever! Go enjoy yours now.

Opaline is located at 806 15TH ST NW, WASHINGTON, DC 20005, within the Sofitel hotel. Visit their website, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter and Instagram.


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