Weekend Wrap-Up: Blackout Edition

Lots happened this weekend. DC Mardi Gras came to town, brought the Superdome lights with them. Ray Lewis and the Ravens won the Super Bowl, commercials happened, and some other stuff too. Hey, don’t feel bad Superdome, last time I was in New Orleans I blacked-out too.

Here are some highlights from the weekend:

DC Mardi Gras kept it’s top on.

Ray Lewis swears he didn’t stab the generator – but he did win the Super Bowl.

@SuperBowlLights happened and reached over 11,000 followers. Down to 452 now.

Oprah/Jeep/Veterans commercial made all the everyones cry.

Oreo social media rapid response for the win.

Paul Harvey and God “Made a Farmer

Baltimore ads “Super Bowl trophy” to “Inner Harbor” and “crab cakes” giving the world three reasons to now visit the City.

Tagg Romney eyes Senate. Senate blushes, flirts back.


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  1. By coincidence I, too, once had a blackout in New Orleans

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