UPDATE: (Doritos Loaded replied) We tried Doritos “Loaded” fried stuffed snack, and we regret it!

UPDATE 03/24/14, 1:47pmEST

Doritos Loaded has responded.

I wonder if this is a real account?

Original post…

Last week I went to the new 7-Eleven in downtown DC as they are one of the few locations in the country test marketing the new Doritos Loaded. The product was purchased, I subjected co-workers to the experience, and we all had the same conclusion – gross.

Basically if you crumbled Doritos, mixed them with seasoned bread crumbs, covered a cold triangle of nacho cheese with them and baked them, this is what you would get. I know right…how could that not be good? Well, easily actually. These were in fact, not good.

But don’t take my word for it…

“It’s a mix of flavors that don’t belong together and they unfortunately linger in your mouth, even after several mints.”

“Just awful.  Coffee, gum, candy, nothing will get that horrible flavor out of my mouth.  Just Awful.”

“I imagine if you filled the inside of a salt lick with cheese it would taste something like this.  At 2:00am I would probably eat this and love it.”

“It’s a lukewarm jalapeno popper without the jalapeno.”

“I was going to wait but you probably want my initial reaction. Its texture resembles wet Doritos smashed between two stales Doritos. The taste is somewhere between rotten nacho cheese and vomit. I can’t get the taste out of my mouth. I’m literally sitting here gagging and hoping my stomach bug from last weekend comes back.”

There you have it folks, consume at your own risk. Oh, and Doritos, keep trying, because I think you missed the mark.


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