We Got the #MeatSweats at Fogo de Chão

Everything about Fogo de Chão is grand; the enormous venue, the giant staircase, and the vast quantities of mouth watering food.

Fogo will leave you wondering, do I deserve this over-indulgence? The answer is always yes.

Source: Fogo de Chão.
Fogo got its start in Brazil in 1975. Since then, they have expanded into the United States while staying close to the traditional menu. Wanting to appeal to a more casual on-the-run crew, Fogo created a list of approachable yet tantalizing cocktails. The new menu is perfect for D.C. yuppies thirsting for a quick drink and bar snack post-work. The reasonable prices open the door for those weary of committing to the full on, Brazilian belly filler.
Source: Fogo de Chão. Ramped up AF cocktails
Source: Fogo de Chão. Sliders on the new bar menu. Approachable pricing for these delicious lil’ morsels.
Important to note: the drinks are very ‘gramable
The mango habanero cocktail was a stand out. It seamlessly blended sweet and spicy in a succulent South-of-the-Border symphony. The strawberry based cocktail was extremely refreshing and made you want to lay in a field of fresh grass. Hello summer. The pineapple Manhattan offered a sweet twist to a traditionally boozy beverage. Finally, the wine selection was vast yet true to its roots. You really can’t go wrong.
Source: Fogo de Chão.
What? We’re just trying to prepare our palettes!
Source: Fogo de Chão. Wine not?
If you are looking for food entertainment, this “Full Churrasco” dining experience is for you. Fogo is a great option for groups, birthdays, celebrating your tax return etc. The experience is made extra special because every table at Fogo is technically a “chef’s table”. Once you sit down, you will be acquainted with your server and given libations and a cozy basket of Brazilian bread. Next, put on your bib, you’re about to engage in full on meat sweats. Don’t fret though, they let you ease into it with an enormous garden bar.
Source: Fogo de Chão.
Source: Fogo de Chão.
You could DEFINITELY fill up on this plethora of luxurious leaves, but don’t. You got meat coming your way, honey.
Okay okay. So you have the veggies down. Now it’s time to double down on the fun part. The card/coaster (pictured below) indicates to your chef whether or not you want to keep receiving meat. Each chef cuts, seasons, cooks, and presents their own cut of meat (bare bones, there are at least 6 kinds of meat presented). If your card is green, it means go, as in ready for meat. If you flip your card to red, the meat fountain will stop flowing. Until you flip it back over to green of course. Flip flop, you’re developing a muffin top.
Source: Fogo de Chão. Check out that red card – that means HOLD THE MEAT.
Source: Fogo de Chão. Your courageous chefs/meat experts (as we liked to say, meat men) appear as soon as that card goes green.
Source: Fogo de Chão. I don’t understand vegetarianism…that’d be a missed steak.
Source: Fogo de Chão. Dat slow shave.
Source: Fogo de Chão. Tongs are your weapons. Use them wisely.
Lets pretend that you still have room left after the copious amounts of protein. The desserts are a sweet end to a memorable meal. They have a mix of traditional and Brazilian inspired confections. Post dessert, its normal to have thoughts like “should I invest in stretchier pants?”
That first crack into their Crème brûlée – like crack!
Personally not flan fans, but if that’s you, then full “cream” ahead.

You’d be “missed bacon” if you thought you could live a full, complete life without fully experiencing Fogo de Chão. Head down to Pennsylvania Avenue today. We’ll meat you there.


MON-FRI 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM


MON – THU 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM
SAT 2:00 PM – 10:30 PM
FRI 5:00 PM – 10:30 PM
SUN 4:00 PM – 9:00 PM

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