Umaya Unveils New Summer Dishes and Indoor/Outdoor Patio

Why yes, I would like to enjoy the pleasures of the outdoors while dining indoors on fresh sushi, grilled lamb, and grilled oysters; and Umaya is making those dreams come true this summer.

Rolling out some new menu items, chef Nick keeps it light and refreshing for the dog days in DC. The floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the patio actually double as doors, creating a lovely indoor/outdoor patio vibe for the best of both worlds. Check out some of the new items below, but don’t forget about the classics found here.

The tofu salad is simple and silky with spring mixed greens and umami rich miso dressing. It’s the perfect dish to accompany cold sake or happy hour cocktails.

If you’re craving something warm and satisfying, go with the beef gyudon donburi. Thinly sliced rib-eye is simmered in dashi broth, seasoned with soy sauce and sake mirin and heaped onto a pile of sticky rice or noodles. The fried egg adds richness and the leftovers are amazing served cold in your pjs.

Maybe you’re more of an oyster slurper on the patio. If so, Umaya’s grilled oysters with spicy daikon oroshi and ponzu sauce, yuzu oroshi, and soy mustard oroshi will hit the spot. Slightly grilled and seasoned slightly with fermented chilis and soy, it’s a flavor combination you won’t find anywhere else in the city.

The garlic yuzu-kosho lamb chops are char-grilled and served with grilled tomatoes & shishito peppers. Another perfect summer dish utilizing the season’s bounty is easy on the tummy and satisfying as a shareable appetizer or filling enough for an entrée.

What’s better in the summer than a sushi and sashimi platter, filled with fatty tuna and salmon that melts in your mouth? You’ll also find hidden treasure sushi offerings such as white tuna and amberjack on the menu.

Is it ever too hot for ramen? I think not. The chicken ramen at
Umaya features a spicy grilled chicken thigh in a creamy chicken broth, served with bean sprouts and scallions. It’s simple but complex and is all you need to continue your summer night out in the district.

Get out there and enjoy some authentic Japanese cuisine!


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Washington, DC 20001
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Monday-Friday: 11am – 3pm
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