Two Words: Spicy. Meatballs.

Two words: Spicy. Meatballs.

If these words caught your attention, then read on and start getting hungry.

Roti, has just launched its newest menu item that is full of flavor, protein, and deliciousness – The Spicy Meatballs. And the best part (well at least for me and my gluten-free friends, is that it’s gluten-free!!). The meatballs are made with red quinoa, Sriracha sauce, mint, parsley, red chili, and other spices and can be paired with either a rice plate, sandwich, or salad starting March 7th.

Roti Spicy Meatballs Hungry Lobbyist

We of course had to try them all, and they were not to disappoint.

Roti Spicy Meatballs Hungry Lobbyist

Roti has also added a few new things to their menu so make sure to add them to your Spicy Meatballs dish (all in my bowl below) that are vegetarian and gluten-free:

  • Pickled onions
  • Lemon oregano pickles
  • Quinoa cauliflower tabbouleh
  • Cilantro and Jalapeno sauce

Roti Spicy Meatballs Hungry Lobbyist

‘Food that loves you back’ the slogan of Roti holds true. It’s a place where you can come dressed casually and comfortably, have a quick meal, be healthy, not break the bank and most importantly have a deliciously filling meal with a feel good vibe around you. Now go try it for yourself!


Find the locations here. Bon appetit!

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