Tredici Enoteca, A Hidden Gem

I walked by St Gregory hotel over 100 times in my 2 years in DC. Never did I think I was missing out on such a gem in the heart of DC – enter Tredici Enoteca.

The recently renovated boutique hotel leaves your eyes drawn to so many different corners from the two large bookshelves, to the awesome chandelier to the clean cut wooden tables paired with the comfortable couches.

Greeted by Taylor, their incredibly warm hostess, she gave us a quick tour of the Tredici Enoteca restaurant. I had the option to choose between 3 different seating sections:

  • The more romantic corner located closer to the kitchen with dim lights and a high ceiling
  • Tables right by the windows with a low ceiling (we chose this)
  • Table 23 right by the live singer which is perfect for a group of 4 – 6 people. Highly recommend booking table 23 in advance.

As we sat down the first thing ordered was ofcourse – coffee. To my disappointment, the almond milk latte was watered down due to the almond milk brand that they use which does not steam well. The Manager informed us he will be changing that, so almond milk coffee lovers don’t fret! Maybe the normal milk latte is better, do let us know if you try it!

Next were the fresh oysters and crab paired with fresh orange juice to kick-start our food journey of the morning. Executive Chef Carlos Aparicio sent his favorite dishes our way and some of which really blew us away. The below are the must have dishes:


Mediterranean tray: Falafel | Hummus | Tabbouleh Quinoa

Being an Arab, who are the kings and queens of falafel, I was pleasantly surprised on how incredibly delicious the falafel was! The tabbouleh quinoa certainly had a unique twist by Executive Chef Carlo’s touch. Highly recommend this as a shared starter. P.S. The bread is gluten-free & it’s delicious.

Shakshuka: Poached Egg | Tomato Stew | Green Olives | Ton of awesome spices

Best thing i’ve eaten in a long time. The amount of flavors in there, coupled with the eggs and olives created fireworks. Get. This. Dish.

Broccoli and Avocado: Broccoli | Avocado | Black Sesame Seeds 

What made this dish special was the black seeds on top, that added such a unique flavor to two greens some people don’t find too exciting. I found this dish a perfect pair to be eaten with the Shakshuka.

We sampled a few other dishes that did not make the cut into our top lists. The Verde Salad for example had way too much mustard which overpowered all the other ingredients. The salmon eggs benedict lacked flavor as well as the couscous dish. The Executive Chef took in our comments and we look forward to trying his newly edited dishes!

So in summary: if you are looking to discover a hidden gem in DC go to Tredici Enoteca for brunch. They are open on Saturday and Sunday from 11 am – 3 pm. My top recommendation is to order the shakshuka and broccoli & avocado salad and get ready for some deliciously tasting fireworks to happen. Try to book table 23 and enjoy the live music.

If you are looking to explore an evening gem for a date or girls night out then check out the awesome lounge they have. Without a doubt you will feel like a million bucks with the great service and luxurious looking lounge seating.

Enjoy! and let us know what you think!



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