Top 5 Restaurants for DC Date Night

For the past few months I have been trying to write an article to serve as a guide to men on where to take women out for date nights in DC, from date 1 to where to pop the question. For some reason I never quite was able to publish it and never knew why until I met a guy who challenged it.

He told me as a single guy who truly cares about the happiness of his unique woman he would never follow a guide but rather he would listen to what does she like and will work on finding the unique places that match exactly what she wants. He highlighted how few men actually listen to the woman’s preferences and that for him that act of listening is his guide to where to take out women.

So what I have decided to do is listen to myself and share with you my personal top 5 personal favorite restaurants and hope that it may be of use to you when you think of where to take your date.  Here are the top 5:

First and favorite option is: Tail Up Goat

Why: You walk into the restaurant and feel like you are walking to your favorite aunts home who happens to live by the beach. The blue walls, incredible staff and cozy set up makes it the perfect place for an intimate date.

Food Recommendation: For appetizer I recommend the sweet potatoes feautring bagna cauda, chili flake, crispy caperberries ($13). For main course go for the shared lamb ribs, date molasses, za’atar + yogurt onions, pickled walnut, roasted potatoes ($55).

Reservations: They get filled up quickly so make your reservation early here.

Photo Credit: DMV Dining

Second: Kinship

Why: This is probably the most romantic restaurant I have been to in DC. Take a girl who you are serious with to clearly show that you are crazy for her. Each table will most likely be couples leaning over the table mesmerized by each other. I love this place for its intensely romantic atmosphere, professional staff and the private booths. I would recommend reserving one to give you and your date a feel that you have the restaurant for yourselves.

Food Recommendation: You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. But if I were going today I would have ordered the Tuna Tataki with cucumber butter pickle, marinated onions, puffed rice and dashi gelee ($22) for an appetizer and the Kinship Roast Chicken with lemon-garlic panade, pomme rissolées and frisee salad for the main course ($56).

Reservations: Book your spot here.

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Third: Arroz

Why: It’s bright, open and always leaves me feeling happier. The interior decorations embody a huge cultural celebration and would recommend taking your date if they feel like being transported to Morocco and Spain

Food Recommendation: A must order for the appetizer is the Patatas Bravas with potato terrine and pimentón aioli ($12). For main course I loved the dish made for two people: Prawn & Scallop under the Bomba Rice that features charred celery, pepper escabeche, baby fennel and crab fat aioli ($64)

Reservations: Book your spot here.

Fourth: Le Diplomate 

Why: This must be on everyones list because it really does have everything. Class, coziness, consistently good food and romance.

Food Recommendation: Assuming you are going for dinner, oysters is always a good idea. For main course I always get stuck between the Steak Frites ($29.50) and the Moules Frites ($19.50). Either way your stomach will leave happy.

Reservations: Book your spot here.

Photo Credit: Serious Eats

Fifth: Osteria Morini

Why: This is my favorite Italian spot. It also happens to be by the South East waterfront which adds to the romantic night. Make the plan where you have dinner early and have time to go for a beautiful walk alongside the waterfront. When you reserve ask to be seated by the windows.

Food Recommendation: I personally always order 2 – 3 pastas and share. No appetizers just straight up a night of pasta. All their pastas are made in-house and are delicious.

Photo Credit: Osteria Morini Website

I hope you find that beautiful date of yours and then take him/her to a magical restaurant. Have any thoughts on my top 5 restaurants for Valentines Day? Send them our way! You can follow me on Instagram and let me know how did these restaurants work out for you on date night.

Happy date night!

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