Tico Date Night Tuesdays

Tico is now offering a special “Date Night” menu on Tuesday evenings to split with your +1. For $30, you and a date can split one of the following dishes over a bottle of half-priced wine:

  • Whole Roasted Chicken – Birra Adobo, French fries, and Tico cauliflower
  • Carne Asada – Marinated flank steak, green tomato pico, salado peppers and risotto
  • Pescado Frito – Green tomato pico, sweet potato fries, cabbage salad
  • Pork Shank Confit – carnitas style confit, build your own tacos fixings, cabbage salad
The Pescado Frito is served whole!

My date and I decided to split the Pescado Frito, which was more than enough to share! The fish was served whole, and paired well with the fresh green tomato pico. Despite being fried, it was incredibly light and not greasy.

Crispy Fried Chicken Tacos

Tico recommends getting a dish or two à la carte in addition to your “Date Night” selection. We ordered the Crunchy Fried Chicken Tacos with fennel slaw and spicy buttermilk. This dish perfectly exemplifies the kitchen’s unique take on American food, which incorporates flavors and ingredients from Spain, Mexico, and South America.

Mac & Cheese with Serrano ham, manchego cheese, and bread crumbs

We also ordered the Mac & Cheese with Serrano ham, manchego cheese, and breadcrumbs. As is usually the case with anything ham and cheese, you can’t go wrong!

The Hibiscus Margarita

For drinks, we ordered the Hibiscus Margarita, which is one of my favorite margaritas in the city. The hibiscus is flavorful without being too sweet, which for me can be the downfall of a margarita. It’s Tico’s signature drink for a reason!

Churros con Dulce

To end our date on an even sweeter note, we ordered the Churros con Dulce – the perfect choice for a great date night!

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