12 Things People Who Live in Logan Circle Are Tired of Hearing

1. “So, do you live in the good part of Logan Circle”

There are no bullet holes in the side of my house if that’s what you mean.


2. “How do you get around, you’re so far from a metro?”

I have feet, and an iPhone. How do you get around?


3. “Do you live on 14th Street?

Does anyone live on 14th Street?


4. “Are you sure you don’t want to come to Georgetown?”

Pass. I’ll walk to one of the 20 new places near me.


5. “I’m so jealous you have a Whole Foods.”

You can use “mine” anytime you want. Wear yoga pants and bring a bitchy attitude, and have no awareness of your personal space and it’s relation to others and you’ll fit right in.


6. “Do you play in one of those kickball leagues? That looks like so much fun!”

I don’t need to pretend to play a sport prior to day drinking.


7. “I love the dog park! How many dogs do you have?”

Sore subject. I love dogs, I want to own all of them. But who has time for a dog!!!


8. “Was that shooting by Union Market near you?”

Do you know the boundaries of Logan Circle?


9. I’ve been to Ghibellina.



10. “My friend and I want to go somewhere, you know, different and super local in Shaw/Bloomingdale, can you recommend a place?”

Have you seen a map?


11. “Do you go to 9:30 Club all the time?”

If by “all the time” you mean when there is a band I want to see; then yes.


12. “Do you live in a loft?”



Stay strong Logan Circle dwellers, stay strong.

(thanks to several local Logan Circle inhabitants for contributing ideas to this list)

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