The Spring Shirt Every Man Should Own

As we reach the end of February, stores are rolling out their Spring 2013 clothing lines. Here is one shirt every man should own – sky blue gingham spread collar slim/extra-slim fit.

This shirt works on so many levels. The color is very versatile for the Spring. Pair it with a dark charcoal grey or navy suit during the cooler Spring days and for more formal settings. It can stand up to a strong bold tie (keep the tie solid or with a pattern – avoid a stripped tie unless you are certain you can pull it off). However, don’t be afraid of ties with texture or a stripped pattern, as opposed to traditional stripes. Always wear it with a brown belt and brown shoes. Works well with a white crisp pocket square.

When it gets warmer, wear it with a light grey suit or tan suit, lose the tie after hours, ditch the socks, and throw on some brown loafers and a whimsical pocket square for after hours, and avoid matching your cufflinks with your tie color. Cufflinks should match the belt buckle – aka they should be silver base, or something playful.

CT Shirt

The spread collar can hold a Windsor or half, as well as a four-in-hand knot. Opt for a slim, not skinny tie, to match your tailored suit (which obviously does not have pleats or cuffs).

I’ve been a fan of Charles Tyrwhitt shirts for years. Their British-made shirts offer great quality along with slim/extra-slim styles. Even if you’re not H&M skinny, pending you aren’t sporting a large stomach, you should not have much extra fabric around the waist, so either option should work.

Where to buy in DC: Charles Tyrwhitt, 1000 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20036. Online.

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  1. Ctshirts are hands down the best shirts to own, from the outstanding quality, to the fit (slim-fits are my favorite because they aren’t skinny/too trendy, they just get rid of the unnecessary extra material) and collars you just can’t go wrong; who said you needed to spend over $150 for overpriced dress shirts? Try these, you’ll thank yourself

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