The Palm Summer Lobster Special is Back!

Lobster is delicious. Sweet, tender, succulent and juicy. A good lobster is hard to beat; but you deserve better than good. You deserve lobster nirvana this summer at The Palm.

You deserve live, never frozen, four, five, or six pound Nova Scotia lobsters. You deserve to get them at a great price (under $100 for a four-pound dinner for two with sides and a dessert). You deserve to have them shelled table side for you. And you deserve a place, like The Palm, where your massive lobster will never be overcooked, and will always remain tender and sweet, regardless of the fact that your massive claw meat takes up an entire salad plate!

Get there before the special ends on July 31!

To start, we recommend the classic Caesar, with anchovies of course (or on the side if you wish), then dive right in. Massive lobster, their summer corn special is great right now with crispy pancetta and caramelized pearl onions, and you’re off the races.

Simple classic Caesar (half portion); not overdressed, or overly salty. Anchovies optional.
Look at the size of that claw meat! So sweet, not overcooked or dry like many assume about large lobsters. I’d only order them this big at The Palm; because we can trust they will be perfect every time!
Creme brûlée never fails to disappoint.

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Lobster Dinner for Two – $99

Choice of Two Starters
Andy’s Mixed Green Salad
Classic Caesar Salad
Lobster Bisque

4-pound Jumbo Nova Scotia Lobster – Split for Two
with melted butter and fresh lemon

Make it 5-pounds for an extra $15, or 6-pounds for an extra $35

Choice of One Side
Choose one signature vegetable or potato side, served family-style.

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