The Brunch Spot to Feel Like a Queen (or King)

2017 just ended. 2018 I am convinced is going to be our best year yet and what better way to start it by writing an article on the only that place always leaves me feeling like a Queen (or King). Blue Duck Tavern is that place.

The second you walk into Blue Duck Tavern it is clear as to why they are a Michelin Starred restaurant. The interior design is a mix of modern and classic covered in handcrafted wooden furnishings that makes you feel you are in your very own home. I always choose the tables by the window, highly recommend requesting this when you make your reservation especially for brunch. If you are looking to take a date out at night I would recommend sitting in the middle room which has a more romantic feel.

Now let’s get back to the heart of this article, the brunch menu and why we fell head over heels. Blue Duck Tavern prides itself in sourcing local, highlighting on the menu where they source their ingredients. We started off our brunch with coffee ofcourse and a side of Pecan Sticky Buns.

The Pecan Sticky Buns are sourced from Cameron, South Carolina. Be careful if you get your kids you may just find them licking the plate. It is that good, I mean just look at the picture.

Next up were the Eggs Benedict. I replaced the ham with smoked salmon as I think it tastes better that way (and I don’t eat ham). They also offer gluten free options so gluten free readers rejoice! The combination of the perfectly cooked poached eggs, Swiss cheese, dill pickles on the soft roll topped with mustard hollandaise sauce made me do my happy dance without even realizing. Again, it was that good.

As we wanted to play the savory vs sweet game, next up were the Brown Butter Pancakes topped with sunchoke pastry cream, hazelnut and argan oil crumble, danyuls vinegar and caramel drizzle.

I personally would recommend sharing this dish. It comes with several layers of pancakes that make it a good central dish to be shared along with the Pecan Sticky Buns (you may want to take someone who has a sweet tooth). Or maybe you want to get someone who slightly likes sweet things to mean you get more.. I mean just look at them, why wouldn’t you want more?

Now, I have another example for you as to why Blue Duck Tavern is by far my favorite place in the District. In my brunch, my food date had a birthday gift in her bag. The server, Michael (who is just incredible and i’ll always be requesting him for our table), asked us if we were celebrating something and we kept it discreet and said only a special occasion. As we ordered our check, we saw Michael coming with a cake with a lit birthday candle.

Chocolate tart with flourless chocolate cake; duck fat caramel; baylans birch baer sorbet and hemp seed drizzle

This attention to detail and impeccable service is what makes Blue Duck Tavern stand out. Thank you to the team there who work hard to make everyone leave feeling like a Queen (or King). I look forward to many Queen moments with you in 2018.

Blue Duck Tavern is located at 1201 24th St NW, Washington, DC 20037. Reserve your table here.

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