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It’s no secret that famed DC restaurateur Ashok Bajaj is a genius. However before Rasika and Rasika West End, there was The Bombay Club. The traditional Indian restaurant with an almost Colonial English environment – high-end cloth linens, fine silver and dining china, a seemingly endless number of staff always discretely buzzing around – is one of, if not the, best Indian food in DC. However with a large menu, those not familiar can become overwhelmed. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned curry connoisseur who has never been to Bombay Club, let us help you navigate the menu with our top picks (three vegetarian, two meat, one seafood).

Crispy Kale Chat

Easily their most popular dish at all of Ashok’s Indian restaurants in DC. This flash fried kale is extremely light and flaky, such that it almost evaporates with the warmth of your mouth. The earthy kale is balanced with a mix of small red onion and tomato relish, and a creamy sweet date-tamarind chutney. A must get dish (vegetarian). 

 Fava Bean & Green Pea Samosa 

Flaky outer crust, dense warm filling of fava bean and green pea puree, you won’t miss the meat in these vegetarian options. Paired with two distinct dipping sauces, these stuffed pastries are hearty and delicious (vegetarian). 

Bombay Sev Puri

Think nachos in terms of the build. Puri, which is a deep fried Indian bread (the chip in this analogy) is topped with potatoes in a creamy yogurt with mango, sprouts, and onion. Topped with cheese and two sauces, a spinach and tamarind chutney. These bite size snacks are packed with flavor. The toppings are cool, and the sweet chutney is balanced with onion and spice – but not in a hot way. Perfect to split as five come in an order (vegetarian).

Mustard Shrimp Curry 

A broth of coconut, onion, mustard seed, and curry leaf envelope tender, succulent shrimp. Served with a side of rice, and easily scooped up with some naan, this flavorful dish isn’t spicy with heat but has amazing flavors (seafood).

Tandoori Chicken 

Whole chicken, quartered, and rubbed with yogurt and spices, and cooked in a tandoor. Traditional, flavorful, and with just a hint of spice. Tandoori chicken is a great entry into Indian cuisine, or for those who like things simple. The chicken can often be dry, but not here. Tender and juicy, this tandoori chicken hits the spot everytime. 

Lamb Vindaloo 

A very rich and spicy traditional Indian dish, Vindaloo is a spicy aromatic Indian curry dish. A deep reddish brown broth swirls around potatoes, onions, and tender lamb pieces. Perfect to spoon over jasmine rice, and use the naan to sop up all of the broth.

No matter what you order, The Bombay Club has exceptional food and service. Close to the White House, a perfect place for a business lunch, or to take out of town guests or Indian food first timers.

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