Test Kitchen Tuesday’s at the Oval Room Is Your New Weeknight Escape

DC landmark power-dining restaurant, The Oval Room, introduces a new Test Kitchen Tuesday menu that will be available throughout the summer months, exclusively on Tuesdays.  Priced at $45 per person, the three-course, prix fixe menu will change weekly and offer guests experiential-style dining.  Diners can sample dishes that are in the works, as well as entrées that display new techniques or showcase unique ingredients.  The Test Kitchen Tuesday menu is available exclusively on Tuesdays, from 5:30 p.m. to close.  It can be enjoyed in the airy 12-seat bar/lounge or on the 40-seat landscaped patio (weather permitting).

I took a glimpse at the July 17 offering, The Parents Are Away So It’s Breakfast for Dinner.  Chef Bryan Moscatello works closely with beverage director, John French, to create exciting and playful three course menus with the option for drink pairings.  It gives Chef Moscatello an opportunity to be playful and creative in the kitchen, while testing out new menu ideas before making them permanent.  Here’s what I tried:

To get things started, Chef Moscatello created an upscale pig in a blanket with fennel seed and sage caramelized pork belly, topped with a pancake crumble, maple glaze, chili dust and bacon brittle.  It was completely satisfying and brought me back to memories of breakfast at my grandparents’ house, where they’d allow me to have those frozen pigs in a blanket – a true guilty pleasure.

A cup of Joe was paired with the upscale pig in a blanket featuring coffee, bourbon, maple syrup and bailey’s.  YUM ya’ll.  Just the pick-me-up you’d need on a Tuesday.

Next up was Steak and Eggs.  Not like you’d make at home, Chef Moscatello braised beef tongue along side poached quail eggs, tiny confit potato tots, caramelized sweet onions and homemade steak sauce.  So delicate, so cute, and extraordinarily delicious.

The steak and eggs was paired with the Over Easy beverage, featuring egg white, amaretto, rye and lemon.

For a sweet finish, behold the Smoky French Toast featuring butter pudding (sweet Jesus),  orange marmalade and smoky blood orange sorbet.  The crispy, chewy, toast was the perfect dip-able vessel for tasting all of the varying components: smoky, sweet, luscious and bright.

To finish, the Rise and Shine cocktail.  With orange cream, vodka, grand marnier and aperol it was sweet and bitter and sent me home happy and relaxed – maybe not ready to rise and shine, but I was shining either way.

Make sure to check out Test Kitchen Tuesdays at the Oval Room this summer!

Here’s what’s coming up next:


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