The Complete Taylor Gourmet Cheesesteak Review

Recently Taylor Gourmet announced they were bringing cheesesteaks to all of their locations. Using prime ribeye from a Philadelphia butcher that is sliced specifically for Taylor Gourmet before it is vacuum sealed and shipped to all their locations, owner Casey Patton sought to provide a unique and creative experience for their customers. There is no doubt the DC-area is lacking a decent amount of true delis – one where customers can get fresh sliced meats, roasted in house, and homemade bread on customized sandwiches to go (Wagshal’s & Stachowski excluded). Taylor Gourmet has certainly filled that gap providing delicious sandwiches and their signature chicken cutlets to the masses. But how did their cheesesteaks fare?

Cheesesteak #1 

Beef ribeye or chicken breast, American or provolone cheese, grilled onions and/or mushrooms. 

This is your classic simple cheesesteak. We opted for beef ribeye, provolone and grilled onions and mushrooms. Served on a warm soft roll, this was a classic cheesesteak with no frills. The steak was noticed immediately as the ingredients were purposely sparse. It was tender with a nice charred edge on some of the pieces, the cheese was melted fully and incorporated around all of the ingredients. The onions and mushrooms were both cooked well – neither too raw nor completely mush, they still retained their texture. 

If you are a cheesesteak purest, then this is definitely for you. 

Cheesesteak #2

Beef ribeye or chicken breast, American or provolone cheese, cherry pepper mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, onion, and bacon. 

The same tender meat and melted cheese as the first one, but with so much more. The mayo added such a rich, tart, and creamy contrast that we loved. Yet the melted cheese and creamy mayo were contrasted by super crisp lettuce, juicy tomato, and tangy onion. The combination of a good mayo and crisp fresh veggies on a sandwich when contrasted with a handful of meat is magical. But wait, there’s more. The crisp and salty crunch when your mouth finds the bacon is nothing short of orgasmic.

Every single ingredient in this cheesesteak works together beautifully without being too overpowering as one may think. This was our favorite option hands down. 

Cheesesteak #3

Beef ribeye or chicken breast, American or provolone cheese, marinara sauce and pepperoncini. 

I know, we thought the same thing….but trust me, it works! A hot heaping mound of meat and melted cheese is topped with marinara sauce and a generous portion of tangy, slightly spicy pepperoncinis. A cheesesteak meets pizza? That’s certainly where your mind goes and it was surprisingly good. The salty marinara meets the pepperoncinis and the mind thinks pizza, then the distinct beef, melted cheese, and soft roll turn on your pizza mode. Whatever brain confusing dance this option is doing it really does work. 

If you love pizza, dip everything in marinara sauce, or are just craving a twist on the regular cheesesteak, this won’t disappoint. Next time we’d grab a side of ranch for dipping. 

All of the options here are delicious. However if you want the commercialized melted yellow cheese “whiz” you’ll have to look elsewhere. Taylor Gourmet keeps it clean and simple. 

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