Supra Introduces Happy Hour

Washington’s first Georgian restaurant, Supra, has added a full happy hour menu to its lineup. In case you still need convincing try Georgian food, there is now happy hour priced wine and fun, inventive cocktails to help lure you in. The happy hour menu includes Georgian wine and beer as well as Supra’s take on sangria. For the more adventurous happy hour goers, there’s even a chacha pickleback. Food options include everything from an assortment of pickled vegetables to everyone’s favorite Georgian dish, khachapuri. If you’re tired of the same old discounted beers and bar food everywhere else in town, Supra is your answer to new flavors in an inviting setting.

The Drinks

In addition to an assortment of Georgian wine, the bar is mixing up some seriously awesome cocktails. Supra offers up four wine options (2 red and 2 white) for happy hour in the $7-$8 range, all featuring native Georgian grapes. Also available is a Ukranian lager, a chacha pickleback (in your choice of carrot or beet), and Georgian Sangria. Staying true to its roots, the sangria combines Georgian red wine, beet juice, chacha, and orange. If you like the flavor of beets, you’ll love this drink. If you don’t like beets, it’s worth a shot anyway. While you’re here, you should definitely check out the cocktails the team is mixing up. Again, all the drinks feature ingredients and flavors straight from Georgia (no seriously, most of this stuff is imported straight from the country). I honestly can’t pick a favorite – they were all delicious and so different from anything I’ve had before.

The Batumi Tea, The Bagrationi Blossom, The Hip to It, and The Qarishkhali.
Georgian Sangria (wine, beet juice, chacha, and orange)

The Food

HungryLobbyist has already covered Supra’s dinner, and we think the food is good, so I’ll just give you some details on what the happy hour options include. The happy hour menu includes a selection of spreads and other “starter” like options. If you’re eating Georgian food though, you now you have to order some khachapuri. The happy hour menu includes two varieties at a slightly discounted price – as if you needed more convincing to order that cheesy goodness. Other delicious items were the selection of cheese and spreads, including the ever yummy and salty sulguni cheese.

Cheese and Phkali board
Elarji – Cornmeal and cheese croquettes, almond sauce, red ajika
Khachapuri – traditional stuffed cheese bread
Ajaruli khachapuri – the real MVP
Khinkali – Georgian soup dumplings

The Space

The bar space, which is completely separated from the dining room, is actually quite large. The brick walls opposite the bar feature murals painted by Georgian street artist Gagosh. To the left of the bar is a map of Georgia’s wine regions, so you can educate yourself a bit about what you’re drinking.

Mural by Gagosh street artist
Mural by Gagosh street artist


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