The Summer Cocktail Search is Over – Stanton & Greene is Your Answer

In need of a new and vibrant summer cocktail hotspot? Your oasis is Stanton & Greene.

Just a hop, skip, and a jump from the Capitol building. I was so glad to be part of Stanton & Greene’s summer cocktail bonanza this Monday. It is clear that Stanton & Greene is ready to make an impact on the D.C. cocktail scenes. From recipe originality and house-made ingredients to presentation and inventive flavor combinations, S&G (is that a thing?) really ‘crushed it.’ Thank you Evan Cablayan and team for the drink magic.

But before I even begin on the drinks, let me just say they had some pretty stellar bar snacks to warm up the palette. Popcorn with a sweet, savory Moroccan spice and chips with French onion dip really got the taste buds going – oh so tantalizing. I will definitely be making a trip back to sample more fun plates on their menu.

Munching on popcorn while making drink decisions.
Munching on popcorn while making drink decisions.

Now on the drinks.

The first beverage to arrive at the table was the Little Torch. Described as exotic, hot, and vibrant, I knew this was going to be full of surprises. WOW. I did not know something so smooth could end with such a subtle kick of heat. The merengue really balanced out the habanero-pineapple gomme in a way that kept you reaching for that glass. Now I’m not even a big pisco drinker, but the Little Torch was consumed in minutes, if not seconds.

There is more than just presentation to the Little Torch.

Next was my favorite cocktail of the evening, UpBeet. Yes, a beet cocktail. I was hesitant at first. I mean I like beets, but I’ve never been the biggest fan of them combined in cocktails. Well, S&G made it work, and they made it work well. The reason it blew my mind was in the balance of flavors from rose to mint to lemon. They described it as earthy, yet refreshing. Rarely do those words go together, but it was necessary for this drink.

UpBeet is sure to please.

The third cocktail I got to sample was the Horseshoe Margarita. I’ve never had a margarita like this. When I think margs, I imagine salt and lime. Horseshoe was quite the contrary. Starting with a watermelon base, this was the most refreshing drink, and maybe a little too easy to drink. Then you add the homemade sage-agave gomme, and I was completely sold.

The Horseshoe Margarita and Chips and Dip

I ended out the evening with Stanton & Greene’s take on an Old-Fashioned, their Battle of DC. The most robust and spirit-forward of the group, it was a strong finish to the different flavors I had just experienced. A perfect balance of ingredients, this aromatic cocktail went down very smoothly.

Battle of DC
Battle of DC

Stanton & Greene was the total package for me. I don’t know if I’ve ever received more friendly service at a bar. That, combined with premium cocktails and delicious noms, made for a memorable evening. I highly recommend you stop by soon for this same experience. Lucky for me, I work in walking distance and will be back oh so soon.

Stanton & Greene’s new summer cocktail menu is available now. To learn more about Stanton & Greene, check out their website, like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram

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