Sweet Dreams are Made of Cheese at Stable

Cheese lovers, look not further than Stable to satisfy all of your ooey-gooey cravings. The warm wood decor and red-and-white checked napkins make you feel like you’ve stepped off the slopes in Switzerland and right into a cozy chalet. To complete your imaginary après-ski adventure, reserve your spot for Stable’s raclette or fondue experience. Co-owners Silvan Kramer and David Fritsche (who is also the executive chef) have brought a piece of their home country to H St NE, not just in the form of the food they serve, but in the experience itself. So grab a few of your favorite friends and indulge your way into a cheese coma – it’s so gouda.

Stable treated us to an array of traditional cheeses before we got down to the melty goodness of raclette and fondue. We could’ve kept snacking on that, but had to keep reminding ourselves that there was more goodness to come. My personal favorite was the Tête de Moine, a mild cow’s milk cheese that was served alongside homemade pear bread. Bonus points to the pretty presentation when the cheese is scraped into rosettes using a girolle. 

Cozy ambiance
Tête de Moine Cheese with homemade pear bread
Cheese Spätzli – egg dumplings, gruyère cheese, crispy onions, Schabziger

Traditional Swiss Cheese Fondue

Stable blends Schlossberger Old, Schlossberger Young, and Vacherin cheeses and cooks them with garlic, white wine, and kirch (a fruit brandy). The fondue is served with homemade white bread. This is about as traditional as it gets my friends.

Oh yes, I fondue

Raclette Dinner Experience

The other “experience” option at Stable is the Raclette dinner – which is the name of both the cheese and the way of preparing it. Stable provides the raclette grill, which has a grill on top and slots underneath to broil your cheese. Pop your potatoes on top, season up your cheese, and set it to get all bubbly and warm. When your cheese is ready, slide it on top of your potatoes and enjoy!

Your raclette grill
Seasoned and broiled raclette

The Not-to-be-missed Fondue Grilled Cheese

Last, but certainly not least, is Stable’s newest menu item – FONDUE. GRILLED. CHEESE. Yes, you read that right. Stable takes its fondue cheese blend, thickens it up, slices it, and puts it between two slices of homemade bread. This is the melty grilled cheese of your dreams. It is something you simply must fondue.

Fondue grilled cheese

Stable Restaurant – 1324 H St NE
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