Spring has sprung at Doi Moi

In between shifts behind the wok, Chef Johanna Hellrigl excitedly describes the travel inspiration for the seasonal dishes she’s adding into the new menu at Doi Moi.

A rainbow of sauces accompany the first round of some net new/ some seasonally familiar dishes including shan tofu from Bourdain favorite Myanmar, breaded samosas from Sri Lanka, and green mango salad from Cambodia.

Grab a mezcal forward Suffering is Optional cocktail while you adventure through the most amazing salt and pepper squid skewers from Vietnam and sauteed okra you’ve ever had. Both are simple but pop with texture and flavor in your mouth.

For those who like to play with their food, order some of the stuffed lemongrass that, when pulled apart, births an enormous pork meatball with Laotian influences that will first draw childlike delight. Hands down the sleeper success is the revival of Cambodian style summer corn, sweet naturally and dressed with toasted coconut.

It wouldn’t be summer in Washington, D.C. without a sample of the wok crisped Maryland blue crab fried rice. The light and fun chicken salad packs a lot of flavor without taking up too much valuable space saved for the more adventurous picks.

There are other hard to miss gems – curries and jackfruit, rice and fish – but make sure to save room for dessert. The Purut limau pie will have southern transplants satisfying their key lime pie cravings while the doi-nuts ooze with vietnamese iced coffee or thai tea cream that everyone will love.

Check out the full menu at https://www.doimoidc.com/

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