Soupergirl M Street Opening

I’m going to start this by saying that in some circles (the important ones), I’m considered to be a soup expert. My forte? Gazpacho. Take a second to appreciate that.

When I heard that Soupergirl was opening a new location on M Street, I made a mental note to check it out. Sure, you can get a decent cup of soup at any café or deli in this city, but when an operation specializes in soup? That’s something special. Soupergirl stands out with their selection of vegan and Kosher soups containing only locally sourced ingredients. As someone who probably eats meat at every meal, vegan dishes strike fear in my heart. After this experience, I’m willing to give vegan meals a second chance.


This being DC summer, I needed something to cool to start. Luckily, Soupergirl had both a beet and a tomato gazpacho waiting. Light and flavorful, it turned out to be exactly what I needed. The tomato gazpacho was especially delicious, bringing to mind my semester in Spain (birthplace of gazpacho!) where I essentially formed an addiction to the soup.


As for your hot soups, the choices are plenty and then menu changes daily. On the menu the day of my visit was tomato basil, creamy beet, lentil summer vegetable, and Caribbean chickpea summer vegetable.  Packed with an array of vegetables, they are filling and satisfying.



Soup isn’t your thing? I’m going to do what I never do – I ‘m going to recommend the salads. Simple ingredients, but great balance of flavors. Making the most of kale and couscous, these salads are a great accompaniment to your soup, or a meal on their own. I found myself sneaking multiple samples of the Couscous Summer Squash Mint and the Tomato Basil Israeli Couscous.


Appetizing and rich, Soupergirl’s newest location is a great addition to Dupont. There’s a soup from the hottest to the coldest of DC days, and an assortment of delectable salads.

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