SOTU Games – Because just watching would be terrible (and this is America)

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Ah yes, it’s that time of year again when millions of Americans pretend they are interested in politics and watch the annual President’s State of the Union Address (SOTU) which airs at 9:00pmEST on EVERY SINGLE CHANNEL. If you live outside the Beltway (and apparently people still do), you’ll likely watch like a normal person, maybe have a drink or two, converse with your spouse/friends about the pros and cons of the speech, and call it a night.

We don’t roll like that in DC! Anytime you can mix drinking and politics (or anything for that matter) – we find a way to do it.

Instead, organizations inside the Beltway actually spend time, money, and manpower to create ways in which to get rip-roaring drunk with creative SOTU drinking games and bingo – which inevitably turns into a “you got one right, now take a shot.” Likely nowhere else in America is the day after the SOTU as fraught with work-hangovers as Washington, D.C. And yes we are proud of that. We take two things very serious here in DC – drinking and politics. Whenever you can combine the two, it’s magical.

To help save you time and energy from scouring the online interwebs for games, we’ve got you covered with a diverse blend below.

Americans for Tax Reform annual SOTU 2013 Bingo Card (play online and win a Kindle Fire!)

American Association of University Women Bingo Card

The Atlantic’s Bingo Card

Center for Global Development Interactive Online Bingo Card

Cloture Club’s 2013 SOTU Drinking Game (have to love they didn’t even try to disguise this as wholesome)

The Daily Caller’s SOTU Drinking Game SOTU Drinking Game

Huffington Post Bingo Card (for the children)

Huffington Post SOTU Drinking Game (for big boys and girls)


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