Side Dish: another OMG YOU MUST READ THIS LIST, list

Starting today, well, right now actually, will be publishing a regular daily post called Side Dish (or #SideDish for those on the Twitters).

There will be five categories that link to a OMG YOU HAVE TO READ THIS ARTICLE covering topics of politics, food, DC news/movers/shakers/scandal makers, the daily happy hour or party, and something we just feel like sharing.

Politickin: Only 921 days to go, can’t wait!

Om Nom: Twinkies are back, you can now be fat again America

DCene: Whew, they found Rusty. Cancel my Panda-burger

Rage Hard: Rock the Debt tonight at 9:30 Club. Only DC can turn 9:30 Club lame.

Bonus Round: Congressional Softball Fantasy…remember it’s softball

Have a political, food, DC, party, or random link you want us to include? Send it to

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